Are Anon lenses polarized?

The Anon M4 Goggles with a polarized toric lens offer our widest field of view and sharpest peripheral vision with the added glare protection of a polarized lens for crisp visuals on the brightest days.

Are Anon goggles any good?

The Anon M4 is an extremely impressive goggle. It works with cylindrical and toric lenses, the lens optics are excellent, it offers an excellent field of view, and it has the best lens-swap system we’ve ever used. If it fits your budget and your face, I highly recommend the Anon M4.

Why are my Anon goggles fogging?

Fogging occurs because the warm and moist air inside your goggles is coming in contact with the cold surface of your lens. This humid air condenses into drops of water that build up on your lens. To mitigate fogging, one should aim to: Reduce the amount of moisture inside the goggles.

How do I choose anon lens?

Select a low VLT rating for bright sunny days (5-20%). For example, Anon’s PERCEIVE Sunny collection includes the Sunny Onyx lens that has a VLT rating of 6%, which means that only 6% of light passes through the lens. Select a moderate VLT rating for good contrast on partly cloudy days (20-60%).

What are MFI goggles?

MFI is short for Magnetic Facemask Integration and is a technology exclusive to Anon. Using a facemask with snow goggles is standard practice, but the traditional use involves tucking fabric behind the foam of the goggle. This is not an easy adjustment with snow-caked gloves on — and can also feel uncomfortable.

How do you clean anon lens?

To clean the outer lens of your goggles you don’t have to use anything special. The best way is to shake the snow off and let the lens dry off naturally. Only after it is dry should you try to clean the lens by rubbing or wiping with the goggle bag or microfiber cleaning cloth.

How do I stop my goggles from fogging?

Just like toothpaste, shampoo can leave a thin protective film on your goggles that will prevent the formation of fog. Take a very small drop of shampoo and gently rub it across the surface of one lens. Repeat the process with the second lens. Then, rinse the goggles off in the sink or the shower.

Who is the owner of havoc goggles?

Jody Havoc –
Jody Havoc – Owner – Havoc Motorsport Inc | LinkedIn.