Are BombTech golf clubs any good?

They have a variety of bounces and grinds to make them versatile. They are not as soft at impact as my current wedges, but they feel nice. So while I would still give the overall performance edge to my Ping wedges, these BombTech wedges are a great value based on what I experienced.

Where are BombTech golf clubs manufactured?

Each BombTech golf club is hand assembled in Vermont for the individual customer. This custom build approach gives the consumer more control over their golf club.

How do I return BombTech clubs?

Call us at 802-560-3192 if you would like to exchange your club. We will check stock availability and work with you to get the best setup. For refunds just package your golf club back into original box. Write on your invoice “refund” or “exchange for…”.

Are BombTech 3.0 irons any good?

The BombTech 3.0 Black Iron Set are attractive to look at, but don’t just think they are all about looks. Unsually, BombTech sell an extra iron in the set with a 4-iron included. Most standard sets sold range from 5-iron to pitching wedge. The performance levels are good, with the lofts designed to extra more distance.

Are BombTech drivers any good?

Bombtech Grenade 2 Performance It had a nice weight to it, that felt just a touch lighter than my Mizuno JPX-900, and overall felt really good. After three rounds and a handful of range sessions, I have a pretty good feel for the club, and overall I came away really impressed. Balls just pop off the club.

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