Are there girls in COEP?

Later on, the hostel was known as Poona Civil Engineering College Hostel and,subsequently in the year 1911, the name was changed to the College of Engineering Poona Hostel, popularly known as the COEP Hostel. The hostel campus houses about 1064 boys & 422 girl students.

Is there AC in COEP hostel?

There is a computer room with 100 machines for both boys and girls with 48 mbps connectivity. Internet connectivity is also provided in every room.

Which engineering is best in COEP?

Placements: In the computer engineering branch of CoEP, above 95% of the students got placed. Top recruiting companies include Amazon, Goldman Sachs and Barclays.

Is there ragging in COEP Pune?

Ragging is strictly prohibited.

Does COEP have uniform?

College uniform is mandatory for students to be present in the Campus Recruitment Programme, failing which students will not be allowed to seat for campus interview.

What is the highest package in COEP?

33.80 LPA
The highest package bagged was 33.80 LPA….

COE Pune Placements 2019 Particulars
Total number of students registered 718
Highest Package 33.80 LPA
Average Package 6.5 LPA

Is Vjti better than COEP?

Answer. According, to careers 360 COEP has AAAA+ rating which means outstanding and VJTI has AAAA rating which means good. If we compare both the colleges in terms of placement then both are good colleges but if you have to choose one you can go for COEP.

Is it compulsory to stay in hostel in COEP Pune?

It is mandatory for girl students to take a written permission of girl’s hostel rector for any absence in hostel during night hours (i.e. outstation stay).

Is hostel compulsory in engineering college?

No hostel is not compulsory for students at VIT,SRM or MANIPAL INSTITUTE. It is not compulsory for students to opt for hostel at any of these colleges and it will be best if you don’t opt for hostel.As fees is very high.

What is the location of COEP Pune?

COEP is situated in the well-known location, the backbone of Pune, Shivajinagar. The antique chimney makes the campus instantly noticeable. Reaching Shivajinagar could be daunting as it is far from a lot of residential areas.

Which is better COEP Pune or MNNIT Pune?

On the flip side, COEP Pune is a common government college of India. MNNIT is better in terms of placements, infrastructure, research and development cell, alumni network, sports activities, funds disbursement, faculty, and others, as opposed to COEP Pune. The table below gives a brief comparison of the two institutes.

What is the campus life of College of Engineering Pune like?

College of Engineering, Pune is known for having a vibrant campus life. MindSpark is the annual technical festival of the college organised by the students. It is one of the biggest technical festivals in the country.

Which is the best college between COEP Pune and NIT Goa?

If you are Pune-based, COEP is the best choice. It has the best infrastructure with a big campus and excellent placements. If you want to have an NIT tag under your belt NIT Goa is the best choice. All these colleges are at a similar level. So, you should choose according to your convenience.