Can a gastric band cause reflux?

I hear from many patients that they are experiencing ‘reflux’ symptoms after gastric banding. Although the symptoms can be similar to those experienced by reflux patients, namely food passing back into the oesophagus and/or a night cough, they seldom are.

What are the symptoms of gastric band erosion?

Gastric band erosion can manifest with various clinical symptoms, such as abdominal pain, obstruction, turbid fluid, and recurrent port infections, although some patients remain asymptomatic. Some seemingly insignificant symptoms, such as loss of restriction or weight gain, may also indicate gastric band erosion [6].

Can a gastric band help with acid reflux?

Gastric banding has been shown to improve the symptoms of GERD in the short-term; however, a small subset of patients experience new reflux symptoms and esophagitis in the long-term.

Can Lapband cause esophagus?

Lap band damages esophageal motility resulting in a condition called pseudo-achalasia. Pseudo-achalasia patients have a dilated esophagus secondary to chronic partial obstruction created by lap band.

What causes acid reflux after gastric sleeve?

Why Do Some Get Acid Reflux After Gastric Sleeve? The reason, in a nutshell, is because of how the procedure affects intra-abdominal pressure. The stomach is cut down to a fraction of its normal size, causing pressure within the stomach itself to increase. This could weaken the lower esophageal sphincter.

What does it feel like if your gastric band slips?

Common presenting symptoms of LAGB slippage include abdominal pain, food intolerance, regurgitation, dysphagia, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, early satiety, and nocturnal vomiting [8, 9].

What happens if gastric band is too tight?

If the band is too tight, then you will have food intolerance to even soft, moist foods. Liquids should go down with no problems. If drinking liquids gives you discomfort, then the band is likely too tight. In some cases, the tube leading down to the stomach (esophagus) may also not move normally.

How long do gastric bands last?

How long does a gastric band last – does it stay in for life? The gastric band is designed to stay in for life and when we implant the band we do not expect to remove it. There are post operative complications that can lead to band removal and these reasons are explained in more detail elsewhere.

How do you stop acid reflux after gastric bypass?

After bariatric surgery, you have to eat a much more restrictive diet than you used to before the surgery. It’s likely that eating the wrong foods may make your acid reflux situation worse. Avoid eating fatty foods, spicy foods, highly acidic foods, and anything that’s fried.

How common is acid reflux with a gastric band?

Acid reflux is very common with the band, and for those who suffer from moderately severe symptoms (and assuming there is no other reason for it as confirmed by the gastric surgeon) a balance has to be found between the right foods, the right restriction, and appropriate medication.

Should I take antacids for acid reflux?

If antacids work to decrease your reflux, by all means take it …….very low risk meds. However, other issues may be esophageal dilatation as well, so you do need an upper GI and Endoscopy for a complete evaluation…. Finally, some people need removal of their band in order to begin to get back to normal anatomy.

What to do if you have reflux after a fill?

As Lonicerna said, it’s a delicate balance. If you still have reflux after the unfill (and it’s been a few weeks) you need to get to a Gastroenterologist now (prolonged reflux can lead to ulcers, and pre-cancerous condition and even cancer). They’ll probably want to do a scope test (fast and easy, they just ‘ twilight ‘ you).