Did Eminem get an Oscar?

Rapper Eminem surprised many with his performance of Lose Yourself at the Academy Awards 2020, 17 years after the song won him an Oscar.

How does hip hop affect society?

Hip-hop provides a voice for an underrepresented group, as hip-hop artists use their music to comment on social and political issues important to them and their culture. Hip-hop lyrics have also been incorporated into curriculum to teach a variety of subjects, including creative writing assignments and poetry.

Who has the most Grammy?

George Solti

How many awards do Eminem have?

His albums, The Eminem Show, The Marshall Mathers LP, and Encore (in order), ranked as the 3rd, 7th, and 40th best-selling albums of the 2000–09 decade by Billboard magazine….List of awards and nominations received by Eminem.

showAwards and nominations
Wins 255
Nominations 368
show Note

What was the first rap song to hit?

Self Destruction

What kind of dance is hip hop?

Hip-hop dance is a fusion dance genre that incorporates elements of popping, locking, breaking, jazz, ballet, tap dancing and other styles and is typically performed to hip-hop, R&B, funk, electronic or pop music.

Why is Hip Hop important to youth culture?

Hip hop is often a potent voice to these lived experiences. One of its original, primary strengths was that it allowed young, creative Black and Latino youth to create art that reflected the reality of their lives, of the neighbourhoods around them, and of the wider social circumstances in which they found themselves.

How many Grammys do Jay Z have?

He has the most GRAMMY wins this decade, winning nine so far. With 19 awards to date, Jay Z trails only Kanye West (21) as the rapper with the most GRAMMY wins.