Does Loyola Chicago use the common app?

Using our free online application- This application is Loyola specific and recommended for students who are not applying to other schools via the Common App. Using the Common App- Recommended for students who are who are applying to several Common App schools.

How do I apply to Loyola University Chicago?

To apply to Loyola University Chicago, you’ll need the following:

  1. Free online application.
  2. Official high school transcript.
  3. Letter of recommendation from a counselor or teacher.
  4. Beginning for the 2021 application cycle, Loyola will be test optional*.

Is DePaul University a party school?

It is hard to ignore that Depaul University ranks as the top party school in the city. With tons of frats and sororities and college bars surrounding the Lincoln Park campus, there is something to do almost any night of the week.

Does DePaul accept dual credit?

Additionally, we offer credit to satisfy undergraduate general education, major field and elective requirements for dual (high school–college) enrollment programs. For these dual enrollment programs, credit is evaluated by the Office of Admission.

Does Loyola University Chicago have an application fee?

Application Fee/Waivers LUC has an online admission application process that is free for both undergraduate and graduate students; therefore it is not necessary to seek a waiver.

Is it hard to get into DePaul University?

The school has a 68% acceptance rate ranking it #38 in Illinois for lowest rate of acceptance. Last year, 18,348 out of 26,895 applicants were admitted making DePaul a moderately competitive school to get into with a strong chance of acceptance if you meet the requirements.

How much is room and board at DePaul?

Estimated Expenses for Undergraduate Students

Dependent living in on-campus or off-campus housing Independent living in on-campus or off-campus housing
Books and Supplies $1,104 $1,104
Room and Board $15,225 $15,225
Transportation/Misc. $2,430 $2,430
Average Loan Fees $78 $123

Does DePaul give good scholarships?

Merit-based aid, also called non-need-based aid, is awarded for a specific talent or athletic or academic achievement. In 2021, the average non-need-based scholarship or grant awarded to first-year students at DePaul University was $3,169. DePaul University met 66% of its students’ financial aid need.

Does DePaul give merit scholarships?

That’s why DePaul has introduced the State Scholar Plus scholarship for admitted fall freshmen. With merit award packages up to $100,000 (over four years) we are as affordable as the leading public institution in Illinois.