How do I pay tax due to KRA?

After filing the return online via iTax, generate a payment slip and present it at any of the appointed KRA banks to pay the tax due. You can also pay via Mpesa. Use the KRA Pay bill number 572572. The Account Number is the Payment Registration number quoted at the top right corner of the generated payment slip.

How do I make a payment slip for KRA?

How to Generate KRA Payment Slip via iTax

  1. Step 1: Access
  2. Step 2: Enter your KRA PIN Number and KRA Password.
  3. Step 3: iTax Web Portal Account.
  4. Step 4: Click on Payments Tab then Payment Registration.
  5. Step 5: ePayment Dashboard.
  6. Step 6: Fill in the Payment Information Details.

How do I pay my KRA withholding online?

Payment of withholding tax is done online via iTax. The withholder is required to generate a payment slip on iTax and present it at any of the appointed KRA banks to make the payment. The withholder can also pay via M-PESA using the KRA PayBill Number 572572.

How do I pay KRA tax via Mpesa?

Simple steps to follow:

  1. Mpesa Go to M-pesa Menu >Lipa na M-PESA > Pay Bill.
  2. BUSINESS NUMBER For Business no.
  3. ACCOUNT NUMBER For account no.
  4. AMOUNT Enter the exact amount as per the e-slip.
  5. PIN Enter your M-pesa PIN.
  6. PAYMENT DETAILS Review payment details and select OK to confirm your M-payment.

How do I know if I have taxes to pay?

Determining back taxes may be as simple as filing or amending a previous year’s tax return. Contacting the IRS at 1-800-829-1040. You may choose to call the IRS to get more information on your outstanding tax bill.

How do I pay my KRA tax via Mpesa?

How do I get a payment slip?

A salary slip is either printed or emailed to you by the employer. You can also check the salary slip on your employee’s internal portal. The pay slip will have details of your salary and deductions.

How do you account for withholding tax?

Accounting for a Withholding Tax The withholding entity records the amount of this tax in its balance sheet as a liability as soon as it is withheld, and clears the liability when it is paid to the government. The entity does not record the tax as an expense, only as a liability.

How do I pay withholding tax in Malaysia?

All withholding tax payments (other than for non-resident public entertainers) must be made with the relevant payment forms, duly completed, together with copy of invoices issued by the NR payee and copy of payment documents as proof of date of payment /crediting to the NR payee.

What is a KRA e-slip number?

What is an e-slip? An e-slip is an electronic ticket that contains the taxpayer’s details i.e. name, PIN number, amount of tax due.

How do I owe taxes?

Here are the five most common reasons why people owe taxes.

  1. Too little withheld from their pay. You can give yourself a raise just by changing your Form W-4 with your employer.
  2. Extra income not subject to withholding.
  3. Self-employment tax.
  4. Difficulty making quarterly estimated taxes.
  5. Changes in your tax return.

What happens if don’t file taxes?

Failure to file penalties result in a 5 percent penalty each month on any unpaid taxes, capping at 25 percent. Here is how it breaks down: First month: 5 percent of tax liability. Second month: 5 percent of tax liability, plus a penalty of $210 or 100 percent of your tax liability, whichever is less.

How to generate payment slip by Kra?

The first step in generating payment slip by KRA is by visiting the iTax Portal using the above link provided and as shown below. The next will be for you to enter your KRA PIN Number and KRA Password so as to enable you to log into your iTax account. This is as shown below.

What is Kra’s tax policy?

To facilitate compliance, KRA appoints agents to withhold and pay, a percentage of the gross rent as tax. These agents can be verified via the agent checker on iTax. 3. Value Added Tax (VAT) Value Added Tax is charged on supply of taxable goods or services made or provided in Kenya and on importation of taxable goods or services into Kenya.

How to Frank a Kra account online?

Go to the KRA Website, itax and print the Payment slip. Make payment at a KRA appointed bank. Present the copies of Payment slip and banking slip for confirmation of payment. After confirmation present the legal instruments for franking.

What is the Kra paybill number for M-Pesa?

If you decide to make payment via M-Pesa, then you can use the KRA Paybill Number of 572572 and Account Number is the one shown on the generated KRA Payment Slip.