How do you heat Bucky?

Simply put your Bucky Compact Wrap in the microwave and under your sheets for warm relaxing comfort. Cooling wraps can help soothe strained muscles, bruises, insect bites and stings, hot flashes, and reduce inflammation and swelling.

Can you heat a Bucky pillow?

Can I microwave my Bucky? Only our Body Wraps, Neck & Shoulder Wraps, Compact Wraps, and our HeartWarmer pillows can be heated. *Please read and carefully follow all heating/re-heating/chilling instructions. For use with adult supervision only!

How long to heat up Bucky?

For Heat Therapy: Place on a clean ceramic or glass plate and microwave for 2 minutes. If not warm enough; continue heating in 10-second increments.

How long do Bucky pillows last?

Known for their durable nature they can last almost 10 to 20 years. This makes these type of pillows a quite lucrative investment in your sleep, but you still need to take good care of them.

Can you wash a Bucky pillow?

Whole buckwheat pillows cannot be put into the washing machine or dryer. Soaking buckwheat hulls with water will ruin them, so buckwheat pillows should not be put directly into the washing machine. However, you can empty all the buckwheat hulls from your pillow.

How do you clean a bucky neck pillow?

Toss the case into the washing machine. Don’t forget, cotton can shrink! To avoid shrinkage and wear, wash it in cold water (75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit) and keep it out of the dryer (air dry).

How long does the Sobakawa pillow last?

Can you wash a Sobakawa pillow?

Place the Sobakawa pillow into your washing machine when the pillow itself has become dirty. Add just a dash of laundry detergent, and wash it on the gentle cycle.

Do buckwheat pillows get dust mites?

We’ll cut right to the chase and explain that after doing our own investigation, buckwheat pillows in fact do not attract dust mites or other bugs, and the chance of them ending up in your buckwheat pillow is rare.