How long do Xray tetras live?

Once able to swim, the small and dull white young, are able to find better food sources and soon develop their characteristic adult markings. X-Ray Tetra usually live for three or four years in the wild but can get to older ages in captivity.

How many Pristella tetras Can I put in a 10 gallon tank?

That said, this species is easy to scare. They must stay in a group of at least six. If possible, keep them in a bigger group! When kept in small groups or alone, these fish can become even more skittish than they already are.

Are Pristella tetras aggressive?

Typical Behavior. Pristella tetras are extremely peaceful fish. They get on well with similar species and generally try to avoid confrontation. However, compatibility problems can arise when pristella tetras are kept with aggressive or boisterous tank mates.

Are Pristella tetras fin nippers?

Additional Information: This tetra is generally very peaceful but they are sometimes prone to fin nipping on some of their tank mates. Keeping them in a school of 6 or more may help alleviate this problem.

How many Pristella Tetra should I get?

These fish are fairly hardy, and a school of 6 will do best in about a 15 to 20 gallon aquarium. The aquarium should be heavily planted around the sides and back and have plenty of open water for swimming in the front.

Are Pristella tetras active?

The Pristella Tetra is a great choice for beginner fishkeepers as they are fairly hardy and can tolerate a wide range of water parameters. The Pristella tetra is very peaceful and in a school, is quite lively. However, it won’t compete well with highly active, or large fish.

Are GloFish nipping?

Are GloFish Fin Nippers? GloFish are known to nip the fins of other fish. You’ll see this a lot when there are only two or three GloFish in your tank.

Can GloFish get aggressive?

It should also be noted that our GloFish Barbs can potentially become aggressive if they are not kept in groups of five or more. This is not necessary with our GloFish Danios or GloFish Tetras; while they prefer to be in groups of five or more, they will not become aggressive in smaller numbers.

Are Pristella tetras good for beginners?

The Pristella Tetra can be a really good fish for the freshwater fish beginner. These tetras are fairly hardy and should do well in a somewhat broader range of water parameters than other tetras. The Pristella is very peaceful when kept in small schools of 6 or more. However, they may become skittish if kept with larger tank mates.

What is a pristella tetra (X-ray)?

Pristella Tetra (X-Ray): Care, Diet, Tank Mates & More! The pristella tetra (aka x-ray tetra) are an under-appreciated freshwater species that has a lot to offer. This fish is known for being low-maintenance, beautiful, and fun to observe.

What is the best tetra for breeding?

Pristella Tetra ( Pristella maxillaris) – Easily one of the best tetras for breeding, the pristella tetra is also known as the x-ray fish because its body is transparent but it still has colored fins. This tetra is very hardy and easy to keep, though should be kept with schools of 6 or more.

How big do Pristella tetras get?

The Pristella is very peaceful when kept in small schools of 6 or more. However, they may become skittish if kept with larger tank mates. Physically, these tetras get to be about 2 inches (5 cm) and they are sometimes called the X-Ray tetra because of its almost transparent body.