How long is the High Trestle Trail Bridge?

25 miles
The shining star of Iowa’s trail system, the High Trestle Trail runs for 25 miles through five towns and four counties. The trail includes an iconic, 1/2-mile, 13-story high bridge across the Des Moines River valley, one of the largest trail bridges in the world.

Can you walk the High Trestle Trail?

People enjoy cycling, walking and horseback riding on the trail. Within those 10 miles is the world famous High Trestle Trail Bridge.

What type of bridge is the high trestle bridge?

trail bridges
The High Trestle Trail Bridge is half a mile long and 130 feet high, and is said to be among the largest trail bridges in the world. Both the trail and the bridge originally started out carrying freight and passengers for the Chicago, Milwaukee, & St.

What is the trail in Madrid?

The High Trestle Trail is 25 miles from beginning to end when the bridge over the Des Moines River Valley is completed connecting Madrid to Woodward to the west.

How long did it take to build the high trestle bridge?

After 4 years of construction, the 3-foot, narrow-gauge line was opened to Ames (37 miles) on July 29, 1874.

Where is the scariest bridge in Iowa?

Right in the heart of Columbus Junction, Iowa, lies a swinging bridge that draws travelers from all over. This stomach-dropping suspended, swinging bridge was originally built in 1886. In 1922, the bridge collapsed with two people on it.

How tall is the trestle bridge?

The trail’s popularity is largely due to its famous 130-foot-tall High Trestle Bridge, which boasts one of the most well-known rail-trail art installations in the country, From Here to There.

Is Boone County in Madrid?

Madrid is a city in Boone County, Iowa. The city had 2,543 residents as of 2010, according to the United States Census Bureau.

Where can you hike in Madrid?

Best hiking near Madrid

  • Cercedilla (easy): for ‘the sound of music’ feeling.
  • Cotos Forest (easy): to bring out your inner Katniss.
  • Abedular Canencia (medium): for the scenery.
  • La Pedriza (medium): for the extra special mountain views.
  • Sierra de Guadarrama (difficult): for the snow (and snowboarding, of course).

When was the High Trestle Trail Bridge built?

The first bridge spanning the Des Moines River between Madrid and Woodward was constructed in the mid-1880s, with replacement bridges built in 1912 and 1970.

Who built the high trestle bridge?

Snyder and Associates, Inc.
Construction on the trail, designed by engineering firm Snyder and Associates, Inc. began in early 2006 to include 1010 feet of trail in Woodward. In 2007, bookend projects in Woodward and Ankeny were constructed. The catalyst for construction came from a $5.6 million Congressional appropriation in 2005.

How many bridges are in Iowa?

There are 1,481 bridge structures in Iowa that are made primarily of wood and currently open to traffic….Roads, Streets, and Bridges.

Iowa DOT 4,144
Counties 18,576
Municipalities 1,190
State parks 29

How long is the High Trestle Trail?

The High Trestle Trail features a one-half mile, 13-story high trail bridge that spans across the Des Moines River between Madrid and Woodward. South access is at Hawkeye Park (West First St.) in Ankeny.

How do you get to the High Trestle Trail in Madrid?

The Bridge. The High Trestle Trail Bridge is just 2.6 miles west of Madrid, and the trail goes under and through some unique old bridges and tunnels along the way. When you reach the bridge, take some time to enjoy panoramic views of the Des Moines River Valley.

Where is the closest parking lot to the High Trestle Trail?

The High Trestle Trail is connected to hundreds of miles of trails throughout central Iowa. Click here for more information on other central Iowa trails. (Photos by: Dave Johnson) The closest parking lot to the High Trestle Trail Bridge is located at 2335 QF Lane, Madrid, IA 50156.

What time do the High Trestle Trail bridge lights come on?

The High Trestle Trail Bridge lights have winter and summer hours. In winter, they are only on from dusk until 9 pm. In summer, they are on from dusk until midnight. Thanks! Beautiful foliage and gorgeous views from the High Trestle Trail Bridge make this worth a look.