How many 777X have been delivered?

Orders and deliveries by type and year

Total orders Unfilled
777-300ER 838 9
777F 284 67
777X 320 320
Total 2,073 396

Is the 777X in service?

The Boeing 777X: Entry Into Service Expected Within 2 Years.

Why is 777X delayed?

Originally scheduled to enter service in 2020, the 777X has been delayed many times. Boeing’s chief executive said earlier this year that he did not expect certification until late 2023. News of the letter, reported Sunday by The Seattle Times, comes as Boeing struggles to overcome problems on several fronts.

How many 777X have been built?

The 777X was launched in November 2013 with two variants: the 777-8 and the 777-9. The 777-8 provides seating for 384 passengers and has a range of 8,730 nmi (16,170 km) while the 777-9 has seating for 426 passengers and a range of over 7,285 nmi (13,500 km)….

Boeing 777X
Number built 4
Developed from Boeing 777

Will the 777X be Cancelled?

Earlier this year, Boeing announced it would delay the 777X’s entry into service until 2023. With the latest developments, that might not come until at least 2024. EASA’s hesitancy could pose additional problems for Boeing, as German flag carrier Lufthansa is among the launch customers for the aircraft.

What airlines bought 777X?

Qatar Airways has agreed to buy up to 50 of Boeing Co. BA 4.05% ‘s new 777X freighter jets, the White House said Monday, with the carrier launching the plane during a boom in air cargo.

Who is the launch customer for the 777X?

Emirates, which has 126 777X jets on order, is a launch customer for the new aircraft that will replace the current 777 jets that are the backbone of its wide-body fleet.

Who is ordering the 777X?

Qatar signed an order for 34 of the 777X, a giant, twin-engine plane, powered by General Electric, as well as options for 16 more of the jets. The airline also ordered two of Boeing’s current 777 freighter model. Boeing expects the passenger 777X to enter into service in late 2023, about three years behind schedule.

Is the 777X certified?

The 777X is currently set to reach certification almost four years after first flight. Citing the delays in getting the plane certified, Emirates airline President Tim Clark has said he doesn’t expect any 777X deliveries until 2024.

When will the Boeing 777X be delivered?

It has now been announced that Boeing doesn’t expect the first 777X delivery to happen until 2021. What Is The Boeing 777X? What Airlines Have Ordered The 777X? What Is The Boeing 777X? For those of you not familiar, the Boeing 777X is Boeing’s newest version of the 777.

Where is the Boeing 777X made?

Seattle, Washington: American City Business Journals. “Boeing 777X fact sheet” (PDF). Boeing. June 2014. “Boeing breaks ground for new manufacturing plant in St. Louis”.

How good is the 777X going to be?

As for the 777X it WILL take to the skies shortly, and it will deliver and become a fantastic aircraft. Boeing has faced big BLOWS this year that will see them completely turn their company around. They will grow even bigger and better from this.

When will Cathay Pacific order 777Xs?

In December 2013, Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific ordered 21 777-9 airliners with deliveries expected from 2021, they will not now join Cathay’s fleet until “2025 and beyond.” In July 2014, Emirates, the launch customer, finalized its order for 150 777X aircraft, consisting of 115 777-9s and 35 777-8s.