How many pupils does Whitgift School have?

Whitgift is an independent day school for 1283 boys aged between 10 and 19. It was founded by John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The school has some of the finest facilities available nationally and a record of outstanding achievement in academic work, music and sport.

Who is the headmaster of Whitgift School?

Chris Ramsey
Chris Ramsey is Headmaster of Whitgift and is responsible to the John Whitgift Foundation and School Committee for the strategic direction and overall success of the School.

When was whitgift founded?

1596Whitgift School / Founded

In March 1596, John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury laid the foundation stones of his hospital at North End, Croydon for the poor.

When was the Whitgift Centre built?

October 1970Whitgift Centre / Opened
In the first two decades of its existence, the Whitgift Centre had no roof and was open to the elements. The first shop to open was Boots on 17 October 1968, and the centre itself was officially opened in October 1970 by the Duchess of Kent.

When was Whitgift school built?

History. Whitgift School was founded in 1596 by the Archbishop of Canterbury John Whitgift and opened in 1600 as part of the Whitgift Foundation which had the aim of building a hospital and school in Croydon for the “poor, needy and impotent people” from the parishes of Croydon and Lambeth.

What is an whitwhitgift open event?

Whitgift runs a series of Open Events, both on-site and online, giving you the opportunity to put your questions to our Headmaster, hear insights from some of our students and staff, and experience a tour of our classrooms and facilities. Please review below as pre-booking is required for some events.

Why choose Whitgift sixth form?

Our Sixth Formers are supported in their further study or work aspirations by a dedicated team who provide expertise, tailored advice and guidance. In 2021, just over 50% of grades awarded were the highest level of 9. Whitgift has been “Highly Commended” in 3 categories at the Shine School Media Awards 2021 for the Whitonomics Magazine.

Who is whitwhitgift?

Whitgift has been “Highly Commended” in 3 categories at the Shine School Media Awards 2021 for the Whitonomics Magazine. In 1596, John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury (1583 to 1604) set about making his vision to educate the young people of Croydon a reality.

Why Whitgift Croydon?

Little did he know his founding principles would still live on in today’s Whitgift. “Whitgift aims to make a significant difference to the lives of those in Croydon and the wider area, through education, community action and encouraging the value of service for all our students.”