How much does a Hoyer cost?

Bestselling Hoyer Lifts On Amazon

# Product Price
1 Hi-Fortune Electric Patient Lift Hydraulic Medical… $1,399.00
2 Hoyer Advance Portable Patient Lift – Hydraulic $1,299.00
3 Invacare Painted Hydraulic Lift | 450 lbs. weight… $450.67
4 ProBasics Patient Lift – Hydraulic Patient Body… $525.00

How much does a manual Hoyer Lift Cost?

High costs: The price of a Hoyer brand lift can vary dramatically based on the retail location and model. The most heavy-duty models from this brand can cost between $11,000 and $13,000, a price that some customers may find a significant barrier.

Who makes Hoyer lifts?

Joerns Healthcare
Hoyer Lifts have defined the patient lift industry for over 60 years. Based on innovation and outstanding performance, the Hoyer brand’s versatile line of patient lifts is now distributed through Joerns Healthcare.

What is a Hoyer lift pad?

Definition: Hoyer Lifts Slings, also known as patient lift slings or lifting slings are designed to be suspended from and attached to the patient lift boom and swivel bar of a Hoyer Lift or Patient Lift. Lift slings are designed with simple loops which attach to various types of patient lifts.

Are there different size Hoyer lifts?

Given the multitude of patient types for which these lifts are used, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each lift bears different capabilities in weight capacity, size, cradle design, and more, in order to ensure each patient’s specific needs are met.

Is Hoyer lift a brand name?

You may have heard the term “Hoyer Lift” before, but you probably haven’t heard of a “patient lift“. That’s because a “Hoyer Lift” is a type of patient lift, and is a well-known brand name. Just like Thermos, ChapStick, and Band-Aid, the term is on its way to becoming a generic trademark.

Can one person operate a Hoyer lift?

The Hoyer lifts we offer at the Barrier Free Store are fully mechanized and designed to be used by one person. If, however, you are unable to properly position the sling by yourself, you’ll need a second person there to help.

How do I choose a Hoyer lift?

Features to consider when choosing a Hoyer Lift

  1. Weight capacity: standard or bariatric?
  2. Lift design: overbed or vertical lifting?
  3. Operation: manual/hydraulic, electric, or battery powered?
  4. Cradle design: two, four, or six attachment points?
  5. Lift construction: plastic or metal?