How much is the consultation fee in Medical City?

Consultation Fee at Medical City Hospital The check up fee of doctors may range from Php 500 to Php 1,000 or more depending on the specialization of the professional.

How do I contact telemedicine?


  1. Telimed Management and Medgate hotline: (02) 8424-1724.
  2. Globe Telehealth, Inc (KonsultaMD): (02) 7798-8000 (free for Globe/TM users)

What is the name of the best hospital in Ukraine?


ranking World Rank Instituto
1 217 National Institute of Tuberculosis and Pulmonology F G Janowski
2 747 Eurolab Medical Center
3 753 Medical Institute of Sumy State University
4 1691 Ophthalmologic Clinic Excimer

How many private hospitals are in the Ukraine?

In 2018, imports accounted for 90% of medical device sales in Ukraine….Hospitals, Procedures, Healthcare Professionals 2016.

Number of hospitals 1,631
…Public 1,466
…Private 165
Number of hospital beds 293,446
… available beds per capita (per 000 population) 6.7

How much is a private room in Medical City?

It is estimated that room rates in Medical City per day is around Php 3,000 to Php 5,000. You may inquire about the latest price of each type of room by calling 8988-1000.

How much is the PCR test in Medical City?

RT-PCR test at the Drive-Thru site costs Php3,360.

Can I do telehealth on my phone?

With telehealth, you can access the care you need from home, using any phone, tablet or computer. If you have a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can do a video visit. Learn more about video visits.

How do I set up telehealth at home?

Setting Up Your Computer for a Telehealth Appointment

  1. View your Video Visit confirmation.
  2. Download and install ZOOM.
  3. Audio.
  4. Video.
  5. If you are having trouble, call MyChart Customer Service at 1-415-514-6000 for assistance.
  6. View Your Video Visit Confirmation.
  7. Join the Video Visit.
  8. Wait for your meeting to begin.

Are there private hospitals in Ukraine?

Some of the best private medical facilities include the American Medical Center, Medikom, and the Oxford Medical Clinic, and they have staff who can speak in English or other foreign languages.

How many hospitals are there in Kiev?

Results – 5 Hospitals/Clinics found in Kiev, Ukraine.

What is the name of hospital in Ukraine?


Hospital Location Year Established
Clinic No.1 of the Scientists Hospital National Academy of Science of Ukraine Kyiv
Feofaniya Clinical Hospital Kyiv-Sviatoshyn Raion 1965
Hlukhiv Central District Hospital Hlukhiv
Khmelnytskyi Regional Clinical Hospital Khmelnytskyi

Where are the hospitals in Pasig City located?

The main healthcare complex is located along Ortigas Avenue in the business district of Pasig City, Metro Manila while the provincial hospitals are strategically situated in Clark, Iloilo, Laguna, and Pangasinan.

How big is the nursing home in Pasig City?

The main facility is located on a 1.5 hectare property along Ortigas Avenue in the business district of Pasig City, Metro Manila. It is composed of 115,000 square meters of floor space, and includes two Nursing Towers with capacity of up to 800 beds, joined by a Podium, bridge ways and a Medical Arts Tower.

How many hospitals are there in the Medical City?

The Medical City (TMC), the largest healthcare network in the country, is composed of one flagship complex, four provincial hospitals, and over 50 clinics in Metro Manila and in select provinces in the Philippines. Today, TMC Main serves some 50,000 inpatients and 500,000 outpatients a year.

Why choose Medical City main?

The Medical City Main has been conferred accreditation by the Joint Commission International for attaining and maintaining the highest standards of quality for healthcare organizations. JCI is widely recognized as the most prestigious accrediting body for international healthcare organizations.