Is Abia A Igbo?

Abia State is an Igbo speaking state and are found under the Igbo ethnic group. The Igbo people, who are one of the indigenous peoples of South-eastern part of Nigeria, make up 95% of the population.

What is Umuahia known for?

Umuahia is renowned for being a railway and agricultural market center, which attracts traders and farmers from neighboring towns to sell their produce, such as yams, cassava, corn (maize), taro, citrus fruits, and palm oil and kernels.

Which state is ABA located in Nigeria?

Abia state
Aba, city, Abia state, southern Nigeria. It lies along the west bank of the Aba River at the intersection of roads from Port Harcourt, Owerri, Umuahia, Ikot Ekpene, and Ikot Abasi (Opobo).

Is there any airport in Abia State?

What is the nearest airport to Abia? The nearest airport to Abia is Owerri (QOW) Airport which is 34.9 km away. Other nearby airports include Port Harcourt (PHC) (80 km), Uyo (QUO) (90 km), Enugu (ENU) (113.3 km) and Asaba (ABB) (125.4 km). We recommend flying to Owerri (QOW) Airport, which is 40.2 km away from Aba.

What are the villages in Umuahia?

Umuahia South Towns And Villages

  • Umuopara.
  • Old Umuahia.
  • Nsirimo.
  • Ubakala.
  • Ohiocha.
  • Ohiya.
  • Eziama Ubakala.
  • Nsukwe Ubakala.

How many villages are there in Abia State?

By postal code

LGA District / Area Villages
Aba North Eziama Eziama; Osusu, Uratta,Ariria
Aba North Ogbor hill Ogbo; Umuola-Egbelu; Umuola-Okpulor
Aba South Aba Ukwu Umuokpoji,Abaukwu, Asaokpuaja; Eziukwu; Obuda
Aba South Ohazu Akoli; Amanfuru; Asaeme; Ihieorji; Ndiegoro; Nnetu; Ohabiam; Umuagbai; Umumba; Umunisi; Umuogele; Umuosi

Which states in Nigeria is the richest?

Richest States in Nigeria (Based on Internally Generated Revenue)

  • Lagos state (gdp: $33,679 billion)
  • Rivers state (gdp: $21,073 billion)
  • Delta state (gdp: $16,749 billion)
  • Oyo state (gdp: $16,121 billion)
  • Imo state ($14,212 billion)
  • Kano state ($12,393 billion)
  • Edo state ($11,888 billion)

What is the meaning of Abia?

The name Abia is primarily a female name of Arabic origin that means Great.

What is Abia in the Bible?

Abijah, also spelled Abia, Hebrew Abiyyah, or Abiyyahu, (“Yahweh Is My Father”), any of nine different persons mentioned in the Bible, of whom the most noteworthy are the following: (1) The son and successor of Rehoboam, king of Judah (II Chronicles 12:16, 13), who reigned about two years (c. 915–913 bc).

Where does the name Abia originate from?

The name Abia is primarily a female name of Arabic origin that means Great.

Where is Abia State located in Nigeria?

Abia State ( Igbo: Ȯra Abia) is a state in the South-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria, bordered to the north and northeast by the states of Anambra, Enugu, and Ebonyi, Imo State to the west, Cross River State to the east, Akwa Ibom State to the southeast, and Rivers State to the south.

What are the two local government areas of Abia State?

Upon the creation of Abia state in 1991, Aba was divided into two local government areas namely; Aba South and Aba North. Aba south is the main city centre and the heartbeat of Abia State, south-east Nigeria. It is located on the Aba River.

What is the full form of Abia?

The name “Abia” is an abbreviation of four of Abia state’s densely populated regions Aba, Bende, Isuikwuato, and Afikpo. Abia State is an Igbo speaking state and are found under the Igbo ethnic group.

What is Abia State known for?

Abia state was created out of Imo State and the two sister states share boundaries. Abia State known as one of the constituent states of the Niger Delta region. The State has its capital is Umuahia while the commercial city of the state is Aba. Abia State is also referred to as GOD’s OWN STATE.