Is Fort Ritchie for sale?

HAGERSTOWN, Md. – The former Fort Ritchie garrison is in the hands of a South Korean investment group. Washington County commissioners earlier this week approved the sale of nearly 600 acres on South Mountain for $6 million to Issac Holdings LLC.

Why did Fort Ritchie close?

Fort Ritchie closed in 1998 under the 1995 Base Realignment and Closure Commission. The property was sold to Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT) for mixed-use development. As the 2007 recession pressed on, PenMar Development Corporation took back ownership of the property in 2012.

Who owns Fort Ritchie?

John Krumpotich
On April 7th, 2021, John Krumpotich became the owner of Fort Ritchie and has expressed his plans to revive Ritchie and the Cascade community by bringing businesses, historic preservation, and housing to the former 500+/- acre Army Post.

Is Fort Ritchie still open?

Fort Ritchie is a former U.S. military base that closed in September 1998, pursuant to the 1995 Base Realignment and Closure Commission.

How much did Fort Ritchie sell for?

Cascade resident John W. Krumpotich finally settled his $1.85 million purchase of nearly 500 acres at the former Fort Ritchie military base on Wednesday. The closing came a year and a day after it was originally scheduled, because of repeated court appeals from a Sabillasville, Md., businessman.

What is Fort Ritchie used for today?

The US Army activated the Military Intelligence Training Center (MITC) on June 19, 1942, and trained 19,600 intelligence troops, including the Ritchie Boys. According to a County press release: Once part of our economic past, Fort Ritchie is now the lead for economic development into the future for Washington County.”

Why was it called Camp Ritchie?

In 1926, the Washington County site became a training center for the Maryland National Guard and was named Camp Albert C. Ritchie in honor of the then Governor of Maryland. Ritchie from Maryland and its official name became the Military Intelligence Training Center (MITC), or simply Camp Ritchie.

Where did the Army send Ritchie?

German-Jewish men who had immigrated to the United States prior to World War II, among others, were enlisted by the Army and sent to Camp Ritchie, Maryland, for counter intelligence training.

Is there a movie based on The Ritchie Boys?

The Ritchie Boys (2004) – IMDb.

How did Camp Ritchie get its name?

Who was Camp Ritchie named after?

Albert C Ritchie
General Milton Reckord put Robert Frederick Barrick in charge of Camp Ritchie, named after Maryland’s governor at the time, Albert C Ritchie. When construction of the camp began, the land still had two ice houses standing from the Buena Vista Ice Company. The camp opened in 1927 while it was still under construction.

Where can I find The Ritchie Boys movie?

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