Is MuchMusic coming back?

TORONTO (June 10, 2021) – Bell Media confirmed today that one of Canada’s most influential pop-culture brands, MuchMusic, returns July 7 with a new generation of personalities and creators at the helm. “MuchMusic has played an essential part in shaping the musical landscape for generations.

Where is Leah Miller now?

Leah Miller In 2008, she left her VJ position to host the now-cancelled So You Think You Can Dance Canada. She currently has a film, El otro Tom, slated as in post-production and has made multiple appearances on Hilary Duff’s Instagram, who claims they have been friends for 14 years.

Where does Leah Miller Live?

Missing her family, she moved back to Toronto after a few years.

Who was the first MuchMusic VJ?

Christopher Ward
Christopher Ward The original VJ! Ward piloted MuchMusic’s dry-run City Limits on Citytv back in ’83 along with his Second City buddy Mike Myers (who was road testing Wayne Campbell at the time).

Whats on much right now?


Time TV Show
6:30 pm Ridiculousness David Arquette – Season 5 Episode 6
7:00 pm Ridiculousness Larry King – Season 5 Episode 7
7:30 pm Ridiculousness Chanel and Sterling XII – Season 5 Episode 8
8:00 pm Seinfeld The Tape – Season 3 Episode 8

Where is Devon Soltendieck now?

After a three-year stint as a news reporter and anchor for CP24, Soltendieck then hosted Pop Quiz, a pop culture game show. He is now a senior entertainment reporter for etalk, which airs weeknights on CTV.

Are leahs symptoms and autopsy findings consistent with shaken baby syndrome?

Stan Harrell, district attorney: “Te autopsy found multiple signs consistent with child abuse—the severe bruising, the brain injury, the bleeding behind the eye. Te brain hemorrhage in combination with the retinal bleeding is highly suggestive of shaken baby syndrome, also known as abusive head trauma.

What was the last big shiny tunes?

Big Shiny Tunes 14
The series soon lost its predominance with the growth of Peer-to-peer file sharing in the 2000s. The last album in the series, Big Shiny Tunes 14, was released in 2009.

Who is the most famous VJ on Much Music?

(Part II) 1 Teresa Roncon. Teresa was hailed as a “pioneering MuchMusic VJ” for her early contributions to the program. 2 Hannah Simone. 3 Devon Soltendieck. 4 George Stroumboulopoulos. 5 Sarah Taylor. 6 Amanda Walsh. 7 Bill Welychka. 8 Michael Williams. 9 Tony “Master T” Young. 10 Matt Wells.

What is muchmuchmusic?

MuchMusic was licensed on April 2, 1984 by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to CHUM Limited. It had faced competition from two other proposed services. One of them, CMTV Canadian Music Television, was deemed not to have sufficient financial resources. The third applicant was Rogers Radio Broadcasting.

When did MuchMusic come out in the US?

An American version of MuchMusic, originally known as “MuchMusic USA”, was launched in the United States on July 1, 1994 through a partnership with Rainbow Media. The network was largely a simulcast of the Canadian version with U.S advertising and acquired programs.