Is powerleague open in Tier 4?

Non-elite football is not allowed in Tier 4 areas, including training and fixtures. That means indoor and outdoor grassroots football is not allowed in the North East at the moment – including games played at venues like Powerleague and Goals, which are currently closed.

How much does it cost to go Power League?

There are no joining fees, affiliation fees or other hidden costs. You simply have to pay a deposit to join a league, which you get back at the end of the league, provided you turn up to all your fixtures. Match fees vary between venues but the average cost works out to around £8 per week per player*.

Is Powerleague free?

Whether you would like a kickabout with your mates or if you would be interested in challenging yourself in a competitive league game – you can do so, for no cost at all. Get your football fix and hit the pitch as Powerleague celebrates a fantastic World Cup journey!

Can you wear studs at Powerleague?

Powerleague on Twitter: “@samuelhzb Hi Sam, we recommend AG boots or moulded studs but not blades for safety.” / Twitter.

Do you need shin pads for Powerleague?

Players may only play for one team during the event. 5 Players must be attired in proper strips and footwear including shin pads.

Is powerleague free?

Do you have to wear shin pads at goals?

Free Kick 2 yards outside the box will be awarded. All players should wear shin pads to avoid injury – All players play at their own risk. Bladed studs or metal tipped boots are not allowed. The wearing of any form of jewellery is not permitted during play (watches/fitbits included).

What do you wear to powerleague?

What do I have to wear? Only astro turf trainers or boots with plastic studs are permitted. Power League states that the metal studs rip up the artificial fibres in the pitches. When playing a league match, shin pads are required to prevent injury.