Is Rottnest privately owned?

Rottnest Island is a place where past and present overlap, where nature and people coexist. Private land ownership has been prohibited on Rottnest since 1839 and the resident population fluctuates from 150 to 200.

Does anyone live on Rottnest?

It has a permanent population of around 300 people, with around 780,000 annual visitors (and up to 15,000 visitors at a time during peak periods). Rottnest is well known for its population of quokkas, a small native marsupial found in very few other locations.

Is it free to go to Rottnest?

All visitors to Rottnest Island are required to pay a Government admission fee, or ‘landing fee’ which is collected from island visitors by the ferry companies on behalf of the Rottnest Island Authority. This fee contributes to the conservation of the Island and the provision and upkeep of facilities.

Can you bring your own bike to Rottnest?

Bikes – BYO or hire Definitely take your own. To hire it would cost $30 per day from Peddle & Flipper or via Rottnest Express. To bring your own on the ferry is $15 per bike on Rottnest Express.

Can I take my own boat to Rottnest Island?

Taking your own boat is the perfect opportunity to experience the island’s many coastal activities at your own pace. Western Australia has the highest per capita boat ownership in Australia and Rottnest Island is a destination favourite. The Rottnest Island Authority manages all moorings and jetty pens on the Island.

Are there peacocks on Rottnest?

Peafowl were introduced to Rottnest in 1912. Pre-1990 a large population of peafowl could be found on the eastern tip of the Island around the settlement areas. The Island keeps a population of up to five as they are considered to be of significant value to Rottnest’s heritage and visitors.

Are there dingoes on Rottnest Island?

On the Rottnest Island and Perth, some predators include large birds, foxes, and dingoes (Quokka et al., 2006).

How do I get accommodation on Rottnest Island?

Rottnest Island Authority accommodation is available to book online, via telephone or in person at our E Shed office in Fremantle. Bookings can be made between 24 hours and 9 months in advance. We are unable to make accommodation or rental moorings bookings via email.

What is the Rottnest Island Authority?

Rottnest Island is an A-Class Reserve governed by the Rottnest Island Authority Act, 1987 (the Act) which establishes the Rottnest Island Authority as a statutory body to control and manage the Island, reporting to the Minister for Tourism. The Act gives the Authority the power to control and manage the Island.

Is Rottnest Island easy to visit?

Rottnest Island provides an access and facility-friendly holiday destination for all visitors. With wide pathways, easy to read signage and ramps to most facilities Rottnest Island is easily accessible. There is also plenty of outdoor seating and numerous toilet facilities.

Why stay at Rottnest?

Experience breathtaking aerial views of the Island with a scenic joy flight available from Rottnest Airport. Segway Tours are an exciting eco-friendly adventure of discovery and exploration into Rottnest’s hidden treasures. Centrally located, South Thomson beach side accommodation options range from Premium View villas to Standard units.

When will Rottnest Island holiday accommodation be available in 2022?

Availability for Rottnest Island Authority holiday accommodation for stay dates up to January 2022 have been released. If you are looking to stay in February 2022, please note these dates will become available for booking at 8:30am on Tuesday 1 June 2021.This includes availability for the much-anticipated South32 Rottnest Channel Swim.