Is there a Google Voice Translator?

Listen to translations spoken aloud Go to Google Translate. Choose the languages to translate to and from. In the text box, enter content you want to translate. , the audio switches between normal and slow pace.

Can I use Google Translate on a phone call?

Just say, “Hey Google, be my [insert language of choice here] translator,” and point your phone at the person you’re talking to. Whatever they (or you) say will be translated, and it all happens as soon as someone begins talking.

How good is Google Translator?

Well, Google translate is considered the world’s best translation software among other online translation tools. It supports more than 100 language and 10 thousand language pairs. More and more people are relying on Google translate these days, as it is a great app for people who travel around the world.

How to download Google Translator?

Download the Google Translate installer file from the link above. Save the downloaded file to your computer. Double-click on the downloaded Google Translate installer file.

How to download audio from Google Translate?

Go to the Google Translate website.

  • Write text to convert.
  • Press the F12 button.
  • Go to the Network tab.
  • Click on the volume button to play the audio.
  • Find the URL starting with
  • Double-click on this link.
  • Download audio from Google Translate using the browser.
  • What is the best voice translation app?

    1. iTranslate. iTranslate is one of the best voice translation apps for iPhone as it is a good and reliable translation dictionary. Let’s look at the features: This app can translate text, websites in over 90 languages. It gives you an option to change the voice to male or female. You can also switch to different dialects.