Was there a script for Pineapple Express?

Seth Rogen
Evan Goldberg
Pineapple Express/Screenplay

What’s the theme of Pineapple Express?

The film’s main theme—besides smoking pot—is friendship. Dale and Saul’s relationship evolves from a business relationship to a genuine friendship as they depend on each other to evade Jones’ goons. When Saul gets captured, Dale recruits Red to help his friend.

Why do they call it Pineapple Express?

A well-known example of a strong atmospheric river is called the “Pineapple Express” because moisture builds up in the tropical Pacific around Hawaii and can wallop the U.S. and Canada’s West Coasts with heavy rainfall and snow. Of course, not all atmospheric rivers are disruptive.

What year is Pineapple Express set in?

Plot. In 1937, a soldier in an underground military facility is observed through a two-way mirror smoking marijuana and revealing in his euphoria what he hates about the army.

What state is Pineapple Express set in?

You’ll find Saul’s brownstone apartment house at 118 N. Westmoreland Ave., in Los Angeles. That’s on the east side of Westmoreland Ave, across from Virgil Middle School. That’s just south of the Hollywood (101) Freeway, just north of W.

Is Pineapple Express Indica or sativa?

Often considered a sativa-dominant hybrid, the Pineapple Express strain is a relaxing flower with a unique citrus-pepper scent.

Why is Pineapple Express R?

MPAA explanation: pervasive language, drug use, sexual references and violence.

Is Pineapple Express a sativa?

Is Pineapple Express a true story?

The inspiration for making Pineapple Express, according to producer Judd Apatow, was Brad Pitt’s character in True Romance, a stoner named Floyd. The film inspired the name for a real cannabis strain called Pineapple Express.

Was Downey filmed in Pineapple Express?

The entire block (including the girlfriend’s house) is just a residential street set on the back lot of Downey Studios, at 12214 Lakewood Blvd, in Downey, CA. I suppose that explains the other filming they did in Downey, such as the McDonald’s shot and the motel…