The cover letter is a presentation of the applicant from its professional side, reveals its competence. All this should be described in the cover letter so that, the recruiter became interested in the candidate and, wanting to know more about him, opened his resume.

Not an easy task, especially for those who have just graduated from schools and first encountered job search and all that is associated with it, is not it? Many young applicants, frightened by the possibility of making mistakes when writing a cover letter and as a result of the loss of the chance to be accepted to a decent position, resort to services for writing cover letters, such as professional cover letter writers.

Students’ mistakes when writing cover letters

Young people who apply for the chosen position, really want to please the employer and write a cover letter, to put the most detailed information about themselves in it, which is not always correct.

Thus, the main mistakes made by candidates when writing cover letters:

  • The contents of the cover letter are too large. A recruiter who reads a lot of cover letters every day will not spend a lot of time on your letter. However, many young people do not take this into account and present their entire biography on several pages;
  • Complex formulations. Not taking into account the fact that very often a recruiter reading cover letters is a person at the initial stage of his career and does not have a sufficiently high qualification, young people fill their cover letter with clever phrases and complex formulations;
  • Lack of content. Very often young people when writing cover letters do not write specific data and facts, and fill it with chaotic thoughts and mediocre judgments;
  • No cover letter. It also happens that young people believe that their resume contains all the necessary information and there is no need for a cover letter. A very big mistake to think so because if there is no cover letter, no one will read the resume;
  • Lack of structure. Even if the letter is written briefly and competently, it can be unstructured, which leads to the repetition of parts of the resume in free-form;
  • Very often young people who have no experience in writing cover letters, do it by the standard, causing the letter to become boring and non-unique, lost its exclusivity and there is no expression that the young man is interested in a particular employer.

What not to write in the cover letter

When writing a cover letter, consider the following:

  • compliance with the laws of writing. Be sure to write a welcome phrase and, if possible, refer by name to the person who will read the letter;
  • in no case do not put conditions. Dictate in a cover letter your rules are not allowed, it is the applicant must agree with the rules of the company, and not Vice versa;
  • be sure to check the cover letter for any kind of errors. If the employer stumbles upon it while reading, it will be perceived by him as a careless attitude to the position and disrespect of the company as a whole;
  • showing respect not only to the company’s management but also to the employee of the HR department, who reads your cover letter.