What are the methods of pattern making?

Types of Patterns in Clothing Manufacturing

  • Flat Pattern Drawing. This method takes a basic pattern and translates it into a 3D shape with muslin fabric, which is then transferred to paper.
  • Drafting. Drafting is often used to create initial designs.
  • Fashion Draping.

What are the top 3 Principles of arts that you will consider why?


  • Balance. Balance refers to the weight of objects and their placement in relation to each other. It’s a sense of stability you might feel from elements in alignment.
  • Proportion. Proportion is the size of objects in relation to each other, or within a larger whole.
  • Emphasis.

How do you make patterns in art?

The most common method to create a pattern is :

  1. 1) to Repeat Shapes.
  2. 2) Repeating Objects.
  3. 3) Repeating Directions.
  4. 4) Repeating Changes.
  5. 5) Using a Central Point.
  6. 6) Repeating Colours.
  7. 7) Repeating Images.
  8. 8) Even Repeating Brush Marks.

What are the Nine Principles of art?

Terms in this set (9)

  • Balance. Creates the feeling of stability in a work of art.
  • Emphasis. creates a center of interest/ most important part.
  • Contrast. Opposites, stresses the differences in the elements of art.
  • Proportion. comparison between elements in a composition.
  • Pattern.
  • Repitition.
  • harmony/unity.
  • Gradation.

What fabric is used to make patterns?

A muslin or toile is simply a mock-up of the pattern you plan to make. The careful dressmaker will use muslin, calico or a similar cheap fabric to cut out and fit a new pattern. The muslin fabric is cut and all pattern markings and seam allowances are transferred from the pattern. It is then assembled into the garment.

What elements and principles of art are being emphasized?

Three elements of art: color, value, and texture, are useful in creating emphasis through contrast. Using texture in only one spot or placing a light object in an otherwise dark environment will attract the attention of the viewer. Let’s take a closer look a how color creates emphasis.

What are the tools required for pattern making?

All the above pattern making tools have explained the below with their function:

  • Straight pins: The dressmaker used it for draping and fitting.
  • Scissors:
  • Pencils and pens:
  • Rulers:
  • Curve rules:
  • Hanger hooks or ringers:
  • Pushpins:
  • Magic mend scotch tape: