What did Adele cover?

Songs covered by Adele

Song Play Count
Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan cover) 231
Fool That I Am (Etta James cover) 52
If It Hadn’t Been for Love (The Steel Drivers cover) 51
Lovesong (The Cure cover) 51

Is One And Only by Adele a cover?

One And Only (As Made Famous By Adele Cover) – song by All Covered Up | Spotify.

What songs did Adele write for artists?

Adele co-wrote its songs “I Miss You” and “Sweetest Devotion” with Epworth and co-wrote “Hello”, “Million Years Ago”, and “Water Under the Bridge” with Greg Kurstin.

Who wrote the song one and only?

Greg WellsDan Wilson
One and Only/Composers

Who has Nik Kershaw written for?

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by
Oxygen Nik Kershaw Elaine Paige
Save the Whale Nik Kershaw Nik Kershaw
She Cries Nik Kershaw Nik Kershaw
The One and Only Nik Kershaw Chesney Hawkes

What are some of Laura Nyro’s songs?

Laura Nyro. Between 1968 and 1970, a number of artists had hits with her songs: The 5th Dimension with ” Blowing Away “, ” Wedding Bell Blues “, ” Stoned Soul Picnic “, ” Sweet Blindness “, and ” Save the Country “; Blood, Sweat & Tears and Peter, Paul and Mary, with ” And When I Die “; Three Dog Night and Maynard Ferguson,…

How old was Laura Nyro when she started singing?

As a teenager, Laura went by various surnames. She just happened to be using “Nyro” at the time she was discovered, and it stuck. She sold “And When I Die” to Peter, Paul, and Mary for $5,000, and made her first extended professional appearance at age 18, singing at the “hungry i” coffeehouse in San Francisco.

What is Laura Nyro’s real name?

Laura Nyro ( /ˈnɪəroʊ/ NEER-oh; born Laura Nigro, October 18, 1947 – April 8, 1997) was an American songwriter, singer, and pianist. She achieved critical acclaim with her own recordings, particularly the albums Eli and the Thirteenth Confession (1968) and New York Tendaberry…

Why is Laura Nyro so popular?

Laura Nyro was a true original. In a musical landscape that often bestows success on those who hew to established trends, she resolutely marched to her own drummer. Nyro created truly remarkable songs whose unique sound drew from a variety of genres, including jazz, pop, rock, soul, and show tunes.