What did Paul McCartney write for Bad Fingers?

Come and Get It
“Come and Get It” is a song composed by English singer-songwriter Paul McCartney for the 1969 film The Magic Christian. The song was performed by Badfinger, produced by McCartney and issued as a single 5 December 1969 in the UK, and 12 January 1970 in the US, on the Beatles’ Apple label.

Was Paul McCartney with Badfinger?

Badfinger had four consecutive worldwide hits from 1970 to 1972: “Come and Get It” (written and produced by Paul McCartney, 1970), “No Matter What” (produced by Mal Evans, 1970), “Day After Day” (produced by George Harrison, 1971), and “Baby Blue” (produced by Todd Rundgren, 1972).

Did The Beatles write Badfinger songs?

Some people actually believed that Badfinger was the Beatles, or at least some of the Beatles, writing and recording with a roundtable of session musicians and cloaking themselves in pseudonyms to keep everything low-key, and to keep everybody guessing. In April of 1975, Badfinger ended, out of money and out of ideas.

Who wrote Baby Blue Badfinger?

Pete Ham
Baby Blue/Lyricists
Badfinger singer Pete Ham wrote the song about Dixie Armstrong, an American woman he dated. It was a Billboard Top 20 hit from the band’s album “Straight Up,” originally released on the Beatles’ Apple label.

Did The Beatles ever sing no matter what?

Written by the group’s Pete Ham, the song had a confident, catchy sound that took it into the Top 10 in the UK and US. But on November 6, 1970, when they released the single “No Matter What,” Badfinger proved they could stand on their own two feet. …

What happened to the members of Badfinger?

That the stories of The Beatles and Badfinger are intertwined is a matter of record. So is the fact that two of its members, Evans and Ham, each committed suicide by hanging themselves in, respectively 1983 and 1975. The band’s drummer, Mike Gibbins, died of a brain aneurism in 2005.

Who wrote the Badfinger song no matter what?

No Matter What/Composers

What happened to band Badfinger?

Badfinger fell apart, and an attempt to reform four years later failed. Two of the original line-up, Joey Molland and Tom Evans set up rival Badfinger bands. In 1983, after a bitter argument with Molland about the royalties for “Without You”, Evans put down the phone, went to the garden and hanged himself.

What does Baby Blue represent?

Light blue is a peaceful, calming color. Blue is also said to promote feelings of tranquility; light blue’s gentle appearance means it is particularly likely to make that impression.

Who wrote songs for Badfinger?

The song began as a merger of two separate songs, with the verses penned by Ham and the chorus penned by Evans. The song won Ham and Evans the 1972 Ivor Novello award for “Song of the Year”.

What is the meaning of the song Lucky Me by Badfinger?

This power pop mainstay was written by Badfinger lead singer Pete Ham. It’s a simple lyric about a guy affirming his commitment to some lucky girl, but musically it the spot with retro ’60s sounds polished with a modern sheen. The title kicks off the song and leads into every verse, which never lets up.

Who wrote no matter what by Badfinger?

” No Matter What ” is a song originally recorded by Badfinger for their album No Dice in 1970, written and sung by Pete Ham and produced by Mal Evans .

Did Badfinger ever play their own songs at a concert?

On August 1, 1971, Badfinger joined in at The Concert for Bangladesh, a star-studded benefit at Madison Square Garden organized by George Harrison. “No Matter What” had been a hit eight months earlier, but the group didn’t get to play any of their own songs, as they were relegated to backing band for Harrison.

What happened to Badfinger after’Baby Blue’?

Badfinger followed this up with two hits from their next album: ” Day After Day ” and ” Baby Blue .” They were red hot, but this wasn’t reflected in their bank accounts. Apple Records was imploding around this time and never paid Badfinger their due.