What do they call Santa Claus in Finland?

The Finnish word for Santa Claus is Joulupukki, or “Yule Goat,” which references the amalgamation of St. Nicholas and early pagan traditions celebrated by Finns, which saw men dress in horned goat costumes and demand leftovers from the Yule feast.

Is Santa Claus evil in Finland?

In Finland, the nuuttipukki as they are called, were evil spirits who would go door to door demanding gifts and leftovers from the Yule feast. The Finnish Santa is a blend of the nuuttipukki and modern Santa Claus, or the “Coca-Cola” Santa.

What are the Christmas traditions in Finland?

Finnish longer-term traditions include visiting the Christmas sauna and church, visiting the cemetery on the eve, listening to Christmas carols, opening the Christmas calendar, lighting Advent candles, searching for a Christmas tree, decorating the home, visit of Santa Claus and enjoying traditional food with the …

Is Krampus Finnish?

According to National Geographic, the legend of Krampus is part of a Christmas tradition in Germany dating back centuries. Krampus is half-goat, half-demon. He wears bells and chains to herald his arrival before beating naughty children with birch branches and dragging them off to the underworld.

Why do Finns celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve?

Since Christmas Eve forms the most important day of the Christmas season in Finland, it is fitting that at noon on the Eve, “Christmas Peace” is proclaimed in Turku, the oldest city in the country. The tradition dates back to the 1300s.

Why does Santa live in Finland?

Home to roaming herds of reindeer and often blanketed in snow, the Korvatunturi fell is believed by many Finns to be the site of Santa’s secret workshop. Although Korvatunturi was only disclosed as the workshop’s location in 1927 (it was revealed on air by radio host ), Finland’s Santa Claus tradition is much older.

Who brings gifts to Finnish children?

Santa Claus
On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus in the flesh visits the homes of most families with children, bringing joy to their Christmas, asking the children about their year and any good deeds they had done, bringing gifts and creating the special Christmas spirit through his own physical presence.

What does Santa symbolize?

The Image of Santa Claus, even with its religious origins in the third century, has today become mostly a symbol of wishes, gift giving and of fun.

What does Finland celebrate?

Finland gained its independence in 1917. This is celebrated on Independence Day, 6 December. Many Finns like to watch the President’s Independence Day Reception from television. Christmas is the most important Christian holiday celebrated in Finland.

What does Santa look like in Finland?

Although the figure of the modern Finnish Santa somewhat resembles that of the American one, clad in red-and-white suit, he still maintains some purely Nordic elements in his clothing and way of life.

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