What does the Attorney General of Louisiana do?

As necessary for the assertion or protection of any right or interest of the state, the attorney general shall have authority (1) to institute, prosecute, or intervene in any civil action or proceeding; (2) upon the written request of a district attorney, to advise and assist in the prosecution of any criminal case; …

Is Louisiana an at will employment state?

In Louisiana, the basic rule is that every employment relationship is terminable at the will of either party. This means either an employer or employee may terminate the employment relationship for a good reason, a bad reason, or no reason at all.

How do I contact the Louisiana Attorney General?

Call the Louisiana Attorney General at 225-326-6465 or contact www.ag.state.la.us.

Where is Jeff Landry Attorney General?

St. Martinville, Louisiana, U.S.

How do I file a complaint with the Attorney General Office?

If you cannot complete the form online or need additional assistance with where to direct your complaint, please call our OAG Help Line at (800) 771-7755. Filing a false complaint is punishable as a Class A Misdemeanor. We need complaints in writing.

What are the duties of Attorney General?

(I) The Attorney-General shall be the Chief Legal Advisor to His Majesty’s Government. It shall be the duty of the Attorney-General to give opinions and advice on constitutional and legal matters to His Majesty’s Government and such other authorities as His Majesty’s Government may specify.

How do I file a complaint against a utility company in Louisiana?

  1. When submitting a complaint against a LPSC-regulated entity, please provide the following information to the Commissioner’s office:
  2. Complaints can be submitted to your Commissioner’s office by email, postal mail or by fax.
  3. Louisiana Public Service Commission. 602 North 5th Street. 12th Floor. Baton Rouge, LA 70802.

Who is the assistant attorney general of Louisiana?

Joseph LeBeau –
Joseph LeBeau – Assistant Attorney General – Louisiana Department of Justice | LinkedIn.

How old is Jeff Landry?

51 years (December 23, 1970)Jeff Landry / Age