What is a bass stompbox?

An acoustic stomp box with a bass drum sound, the Peterman STOMPY STOMP BASS professional stomp box is designed and shaped to fit alongside your other effect pedals. This stomp box is also perfect for syncing with a looper pedal, to get that important stomp on the first beat of the loop.

Are stomp boxes worth it?

Stomp boxes allow performers, especially those who perform alone, to create a simple rhythm to accompany them. They usually have a magnetic sensor or a simple piezo transducer inside, allowing for amplification of the sound through a bass amplifier or a PA system.

What does a stompbox do?

A stomp box (or stompbox) is a percussion instrument consisting of a small box placed under the foot, which is tapped or stamped on rhythmically to produce a sound similar to that of a bass drum. A stomp box allows a performer such as a singer or guitar player to create a simple rhythmic self-accompaniment.

What happened to the band stompbox?

The reason Stompbox called it quits, what happened to the lead singer Erich, and what direction did the band members took: The reason Erich left the band is that we asked him to. There are/were rumors flying around that drugs had a lot to do with our breakup, but that’s all blown way out of proportion.

Who invented the stompbox?

David Torn in his studio. Torn helped develop the one-of-a-kind Hexe reVOLVER DT sampler/ glitch/stutter pedal shown in “Stompbox.” Photo courtesy Eilon Paz.

How do you plug in stompbox?

Plug your guitar into the ‘input’ jack of your pedal. Then plug the other cable into the output jack of the pedal. This cable then connects to the input on your guitar amp. Most amps have the guitar input on the front, while others have the input on the top or back.

What does a stomp box do?

What is a stomp box?

A stomp box is a wooden box that is played with the foot to give a sound similar to a bass drum. Stomp Boxes are perfect for solo and acoustic performers looking to get a fuller sound in their live shows. Are stomp boxes expensive? Depending on your needs and preferences, usually they can range from low $$ to upwards of low $$$.

Can you use a stomp box instead of a bass drum?

It has a great synergy with cajon drum, as a matter of fact it comes with a beater. If you don’t have a bass drum in your arsenal you can use the BASSBOX instead. Boasting a very sturdy build, this stomp box is one for the road.

Can a stomp box elevate a solo acoustic performance?

There are so many great solo acoustic artists today, however the unfortunate truth is that their live performances can often get lost in the crowd. There are simply too many acts with similar live sounds. An easy way for a solo artist to elevate a performance is by adding a stomp box to the mix.

What are the different types of percussion stomp boxes?

Another option in percussion stomp boxes is the digital stomper. Rather than the single, classic sound; digital stomp boxes offer multiple tones for you to choose from. Ranging from traditional bass sounds to the likes of cowbells, tambourines, and cymbals, these stompers allow you to develop your unique sound as a performer.