What is a Meanwell driver?

Starting with the PCD-16, a 16 WATT constant current LED driver, Meanwell has drivers that go up to 320 WATTs, LED drivers with dimmers and DCDC constant current drivers, as well as regular constant current drivers. The benefit of a Meanwell LED driver is the guaranteed quality of the manufacturing.

How do I choose a Meanwell power supply?

How to choose a suitable LED power supply

  1. Power rating should be based on actual LED load requirement also include some tolerance in power.
  2. Confirm LED drive method:
  3. Whether it is necessary to have power factor correction(PFC).

Where are Meanwell power supplies manufactured?

In 1994 the ISO9001 certification was acquired and Mean Well now has several manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China. Mean Well power distinguishes itself from other brands by its high reliability.

Are Meanwell drivers waterproof?

ODL family are IP67 waterproof LED drivers. ODLV series is constant voltage output with 0~10V and PWM dimming functions. The input voltage of both series is 90-295V accords with the CLASS 2/II design and dimming functions.

Where are Meanwell drivers made?

With 2,800 employees located at its global headquarters in New Taipei Industrial Park, Taiwan, branches and sales offices at Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou in China, California USA, and Netherlands in the EU, four production bases in New Taipei City (Taiwan), Huadu District in Guangzhou, Suzhou City in China, and …

Where are MEAN WELL power supplies made?

Can you parallel MEAN WELL power supplies?

You can connect any two MEAN WELL power supplies in parallel, so long as they have MEAN WELL’s current sharing function. We have had customers suggest that any two power supplies can be connected in parallel, so long as two diodes are used to isolate them.

Where is MEAN WELL made?

MEAN WELL founded its branch and production plant in Guangzhou, China in 1993 to meet global demand for quality products and face challenges of booming development and fast customer supports and services in China at lower costs and better product competitiveness.