What is API 50 CH test?

The API® 50 CH test is used to study bacterial growth on different carbohydrates (Table 1) and its derivatives (heterosides, polyalcohols, and uronic acids). The suspension is used to fill the tiny tubes (cupules) on the API strips. This will dehydrate the carbon source that is in the tubes.

What is API 50 CHL?

API 50 CHL Medium, intended for the identification of the genus Lactobacillus and related genera, is a ready-to-use medium which allows the fermentation of the 49 carbo- hydrates on the API 50 CH strip to be studied.

What are the biochemical tests for gram negative bacteria which are included in the API system?

Tests used to identify Gram Negative Bacteria

  • Oxidase Test.
  • Sugar (eg glucose) broth with Durham tubes.
  • Methyl Red / Voges-Proskauer (MR/VP)
  • Kliger’s Iron Agar (KIA)
  • Nitrate Broth.
  • Motility Agar.
  • MacConkey agar.
  • Simmon’s Citrate Agar.

What is an API catalog?

An API catalog is a library of available APIs, most often shared through your API portal. The API catalog allows you to strategically manage, promote, and share APIs with relevant developers and end-users.

How do I use API 20e?

Take the API20E Biochemical Test Strip which contains dehydrated bacterial media/bio-chemical reagents in 20 separate compartments. Using a pasteur pipette, fill up (up to the brim) the compartments with the bacterial suspension. Add sterile oil into the ADH, LDC, ODC, H2S and URE compartments.

How do you know if bacteria is gram-negative?

A Gram stain is colored purple. When the stain combines with bacteria in a sample, the bacteria will either stay purple or turn pink or red. If the bacteria stays purple, they are Gram-positive. If the bacteria turns pink or red, they are Gram-negative.

What is API 20 NE?

API 20 NE is a standardized system for the identification of non-fastidious, non-enteric Gram-negative rods (e.g. Pseudomonas, Acinetobacter, Flavobacterium, Moraxella, Vibrio, Aeromonas, etc.), combining 8 conventional tests, 12 assimilation tests and a database.

What is a bioMérieux API?

API®REFERENCE GUIDE INTRODUCTION A well-established method for microorganism identification to the species level, bioMérieux’s API identification products are test kits for identification of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and yeast. RELIABLE AND ACCURATE

What is API 50 ChB/E medium?

API 50 CHB/E Medium is intended for the identification of Bacillus and related genera, as well as Gram-negative rods belonging to the Enterobacteriaceae and Vibrionaceae families. It is a ready-to-use medium which allows the fermentation of the 49 carbohydrates on the API 50 CH strip to be studied.

How do I get technical support for my bioMérieux product?

If you would like technical support for your bioMérieux product, please call the Technical Support Center at 800-682-2666 (Clinical Customers) or 800-634-7656 (Industry Customers).

What countries does bioMérieux operate in?

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