What is Cisco FabricPath?

Cisco® FabricPath is an innovation in Cisco NX-OS Software that brings the stability and scalability of routing to Layer 2. Cisco FabricPath introduces an entirely new Layer 2 data plane by encapsulating the frames entering the fabric with a header that consists of routable source and destination addresses.

What is vPC+ Cisco?

vPC connects hosts and other devices to the network. It does this in a highly available way, using many active links. vPC+ is an extension to traditional vPC. It connects Classical Ethernet devices to a Fabricpath domain.

How do I save config on Cisco Nexus?

The only write command supported is write erase . Saving the running configuration is achieved with a copy running-config startup-config . NX-OS also adds a little flare to the copy operation with a progress bar…

How do I check QoS on Cisco Nexus?

use the switchto vdc command with a VDC number. You can enable or disable QoS statistics for all interfaces on the device. By default, QoS statistics are enabled. Enters configuration mode.

What is the use of FabricPath?

Cisco FabricPath is about routing your data center traffic and helps doing load-sharing. It combines both Layer 2 and Layer 3 functions, thus giving simplicity of Layer 2 and also the intelligence of Layer 3. On the other hand, STP is only plug and play and does not have any Layer 3 intelligence.

What is VDC in Nexus?

Virtual Device Contexts (VDC) allow you to carve out multiple virtual switches from a single physical Nexus switch. Therefore just like with physical switches, in order to trunk or route traffic between them, physical interfaces and cabling is required to connect two or more VDCs together before this can happen.

Where is startup config stored on Nexus?

/mnt/persist/config/ directory
The startup-config is stored within the Nexus 3550-H as a number of . json files in the /mnt/persist/config/ directory. These can be retrieved from the device using scp or sftp for backup purposes, and put back onto the device if necessary.

What is show running config command?

The show running-config command shows the router, switch, or firewall’s current configuration. The running-configuration is the config that is in the router’s memory. You change this config when you make changes to the router. This command can be abbreviated sh run.

How do I find the QOS policy on a Cisco router?

Verifying QoS Configuration on a Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switch

  1. enable.
  2. show running-config class-map.
  3. show running-config policy-map.
  4. show policy-map interface.
  5. show mls qos maps.
  6. show mls qos queue-set.
  7. show mls qos interface queuing.
  8. show platform port-asic stats drop statistics.

What are two benefits of Cisco FabricPath?

FabricPath offers following benefits:

  • Simplified configuration.
  • Maximizes bandwidth availability using ECMP.
  • Provides design flexibility, redundancy and fault tolerance.
  • No STP is required.
  • FabricPath works by the principle of Conversational MAC learning.
  • It offers ECMP and loop prevention by using TTL.

How to configure the FabricPath feature?

Step 1: Enable FabricPath on all the devices. Step 2 (Optional): Configure MAC address learning mode. Step 3 (Optional): Manually configure a switch ID for the FabricPath device. Step 4: Save the configuration. This table includes only the updates for those releases that have resulted in additions or changes to the feature.

What is fabfabricpath switching and how does it work?

FabricPath switching allows multipath networking at the Layer 2 level. The FabricPath network still delivers packets on a best-effort basis (which is similar to the Classical Ethernet [CE] network), but the FabricPath network can use multiple paths for Layer 2 traffic.

How do I configure FabricPath switching on the Cisco Nexus 7000 series?

You must have an F Series module installed in your Cisco Nexus 7000 Series chassis in order to run FabricPath. To configure FabricPath switching, follow these steps: Step 1: Enable FabricPath on all the devices. Step 2 (Optional): Configure MAC address learning mode. Step 3 (Optional): Manually configure a switch ID for the FabricPath device.

Does FabricPath support m3-f3 mixed VDCs?

Beginning with Cisco NX-OS Release 8.1 (1), FabricPath is supported on M3 line cards. FabricPath support is available on an M3 VDC, and not on an M3-F3 mixed VDC. Beginning with Cisco NX-OS Release 6.2 (2), when you have an M Series module and an F Series module in the same Cisco Nexus 7000 Series chassis, you can see the following: