What is diffractive thinking?

Thinking/feeling/becoming diffractive involves attending to material practices, forces and flows within assemblages, patterns of interference, as well as the phenomena that they produce.

What is diffractive methodology?

‘Diffractive methodology’, as Barad (2011) argues, is a means for social researchers to make explicit these entanglements and differences, via analytic techniques that read data ‘through’ other texts, personal experiences, or other data (p. 445).

What are diffractive readings?

Diffractive Reading ultimately represents a new reading of reading itself: firstly by critiquing the distanced perspective of critical paradigms such as translation and intertextuality, in which texts encountered, processed or otherwise subdued; secondly, showing how all literary and cultural readings represent …

What is diffraction Barad?

Like Haraway, Barad views diffraction as, ‘an apt metaphor for describing the methodological approach that I use of reading insights through one another in attending to and responding to the details and specificities of relations of difference and how they matter’ (Barad, 2007: 71).

Who coined the term new materialism?

Braidotti introduced new materialism or “a more radical sense of materialism” by framing it as “[r]ethinking the embodied structure of human subjectivity after Foucault” (Braidotti 2000, 158).

Who invented new materialism?

2.4. Diffraction and Immanence. The new materialist framework developed by Barad (2007) and Braidotti (2019) is unique in how it addresses ontology, epistemology, and ethics (Tuin and Dolphijn 2012).

What is the difference between new materialism and Posthumanism?

Together, their works can be referenced as posthuman publications, whereas New Materialism is a specific domain within posthumanism that gives special attention to matter by avoiding binary understandings such as mind-body and human-nonhuman.

Why is new materialism important?

New materialist philosophies are needed to do justice to the complexities of twenty-first-century biopolitics and political economy, because they raise fundamental questions about the place of embodied humans in a material world and the ways that we produce, reproduce, and consume our material environment.

Is Ant new materialism?

Agency is a core term used in new materialist theory, but different theorists put the notion to work in a myriad of ways. ‘ Barad’s theory is one that describes the physics of the observation of a world where: “Agential intra-actions are causal enactments.” (2007, p.

Who coined the term New Materialism?

Why is New materialism important?

What is a diffractive optical element?

Diffractive optical element: generic term • Fresnel lens: Scale of zones and lack of organized phasing • Kinoform: Phased Fresnel lens. Phase modulation from surface relief •

What is the best definition of Philosophy?

Definition of philosophy 1 a (1) : all learning exclusive of technical precepts and practical arts (2) : the sciences and liberal arts exclusive of medicine, law, and theology a doctor of philosophy (3) : the 4-year college course of a major seminary

What is the meaning of plural philosophy?

plural philosophies. 1a(1) : all learning exclusive of technical precepts and practical arts. (2) : the sciences and liberal arts exclusive of medicine, law, and theology a doctor of philosophy. (3) : the 4-year college course of a major seminary.

What is an example of Philosophy in a sentence?

Examples of philosophy in a Sentence. The APIs are robust, the tools are good (and getting better), the design philosophy is coherent, and the platform as a whole has a direction.