What is Fermax?

Leading Brands of Spain Forum FERMAX Certification We are a leading audio and video door entry systems and control Access systems manufacturer. We offer home automation and security solutions for the home. Fermax has a great range of video door entry systems, telephones and panels for any kind of need, with basic and advanced functions.

What is Fermax DUOX?

A two wire system with non-polarised connection, Duox takes the cost and time out of Door Entry system installations. Step into the future and harness the power of Fermax’s new two wire digital system. DUOX IS THE NEW DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY OF FERMAX THAT EXCEEDS ALL EXPECTATIONS. IT MAKES THE DIFFICULT EASY. SMART SYSTEM

Is Fera Max ® Good for low iron?

Iron deficiency is quite common, but the causes and symptoms differ depending upon the individual patient. You can find out more information about the causes and symptoms of low iron here. If you have already been diagnosed with low iron or iron deficiency anemia then Fera max ® may be the product for you.