What is neoneocryl b-723?

NeoCryl® B-723 by DSM is an easily and readily dissolved solid acrylic BMA/MMA copolymer. Exhibits excellent color retention, outdoor durability as well as adhesion to metals and plastics. Exhibits… view more NeoCryl® B-725 is a hard, tough and flexible solid acrylic copolymer by DSM.

What is neneocryl BT-67?

NeoCryl® BT-67 by DSM is a co-solvent free, semi-colloidal, metal-crosslinked anionic acrylic styrene copolymer dispersion by DSM. Used for water- and solvent-based inks, primers on vacuum… view more

What is neneocryl® b-842?

NeoCryl® B-842 by DSM is an acrylic copolymer. Used for aluminum heat seal lacquers, printing inks, PS and ABS coatings and ceramic coatings. Provides adhesion, toughness, chemical resistance and… view more Hydroxy functionalised acrylic/styrene copolymer.

What is neoneocryl a-2092?

NeoCryl® A-2092 is an anionic, glossy, tough and flexible, modified acrylic styrene copolymer dispersion. Designed for use in water-based over print varnishes, flexo and gravure inks.