What is passport Max?

The all-new PASSPORT Max, the first and only detector with High-Definition Radar Performance, delivers breakthrough radar performance like no other. It covers all radar and laser bands and enables you to drive worry-free. The PASSPORT Max is like no other detector.

How do I use passport Max?

To begin using PASSPORT Max2: 1 Plug small end of SmartCord into modular jack on PASSPORT Max2 and large end of SmartCord into your car’s lighter/accessory socket. 2 PASSPORT Max2 should power on automatically. If not, press the device’s power button.

How do I check my max 360c firmware?

2) To check the firmware version, hold the MRK and MUTE buttons while powering on MAX 360c. IMPORTANT!!! Apple users: If your MAX 360c firmware version is below 1.5, immediately update its firmware using Wi-Fi.

What does auto NoX mean?

Auto NoX is the same as Auto mode with X-band turned off. Brightness (BRT) PASSPORT’s BRT button selects the brightness of PASSPORT’s display and keypad. There are five settings: Minimum (BRT MIN), Medium (BRT MED), Maximum (BRT MAX), Auto (BRT AUTO) and Full Dark (BRT DARK).

How do I connect my escorts radar to my phone?

For Android based smartphones: 1 Ensure ESCORT iXc power is ON. 2 On your smartphone go to Bluetooth® Settings and make sure that Bluetooth® is ON. 3 Open Google Play on your smartphone and search for Escort Live Radar. 4 Follow the onscreen instructions to download Escort Live Radar and then open the app.

What is K band narrow?

K-Narrow -The K-Narrow setting eliminates the highest and lowest frequencies on the K-Band spectrum. The frequencies eliminated by this setting help to reduce non-police radar alerts. K-Narrow makes your driving experience quieter while still alerting to police radar signals.

Is the escort passport Max 2 any good?

Escort Max 2 Review When the Escort Passport Max came to be in 2013, it was reviewed positively by the radar detector-using community. There were features incorporated into it by Escort that were not in other models previously, such as GPS, a digital signal processor (DSP), and a better suction cup.

What makes the passport Max so special?

With HD Radar Performance, the Passport Max is able to separate real radar and laser signal threats from all the other “noise” in the world, minimizing false alerts and identifying real threats with greater accuracy. The most impressive feature of the Passport Max is its OLED display.

Does the passport Max 2 have radar detection capabilities?

At the time of its release, the Passport Max 2 was at the top of Escort’s radar detection capabilities. All the major frequencies in use by police radar equipment can be identified by the radar detector, and that includes the X, K, and Ka-band.

Is the passport Max more sensitive than escort’s previous generation detectors?

Repeating the experiment at a few speed traps around the Bay Area over the course of a few weeks yielded similar results: the Passport Max was more sensitive than Escort’s previous generation of detectors. We’ll keep testing the Max over the next few weeks in a variety of municipalities and will update the review with any new findings.