What is Pendeta discovery?

Use Pendeta Discovery to find the locations and call numbers of millions of University of Malaya Library books (as well video, audio, microform, map, serial, and rare titles).

How do I log into Pendeta discovery?

  1. Go to Pendeta Discovery Page at https://pendeta.um.edu.my/client/en_MY/default . My Account located at the top of Pendeta Discovery Page.
  2. Enter the library Username and Password.
  3. Scroll Down and click on Change PIN.
  4. Enter the new Password and click Update.

What are the databases subscribed by the UM library?

Subscribed Databases

  • Academic Search Elite @EBSCOhost.
  • ACS Style Guide to Scholarly Communication.
  • Alexander Street.
  • American Chemical Society (ACS) Journals.
  • American Geophysical Union Journals.
  • American National Biography.
  • American Physical Society (APS) Journals.
  • Annual Reviews (2011-2015)

How do I download endnote university in Malaya?

How to Install Endnote

  1. Endnote Installer.
  2. For students : http://myum.um.edu.my/ (Login > Software > Download Software > Endnote)
  3. For Staff: http://portal.um.edu.my/ (ICT Info > Download Software > Main Software > look for Endnote on the list)

What is the name of online database?

Top 10 Databases

Database Name Subject Area
PubMed/Medline Medicine (More info…)
ScienceDirect Science (Multidisciplinary) (More info…)
Scopus General (Multidisciplinary) (More info…)
Web of Science General (Multidisciplinary) (More info…)

What is a specialized database give examples and explain?

A specialized database—often called a research or library database—allows targeted searching on one or more specific subject areas (i.e., engineering, medicine, Latin American history, etc.), for a specific format (i.e., books, articles, conference proceedings, video, images), or for a specific date range during which …

How do I download EndNote from university?

Using a university computer, open your EndNote library. Go to “Edit”, then “Preferences”. Choose “Sync” from the menu, and fill in your EndNote username and password (your account credentials). At the bottom of the EndNote Preferences Sync window, choose to make your library sync automatically.

Are specialized types of database?

Specialized Database

  • Big Data.
  • Database Machine.
  • Text Mining.
  • Database Management Systems.
  • Database Systems.
  • Global Positioning System.
  • Information Shadow.
  • Structured Query Language.