What is the best Conjuration spell in Oblivion?


Spell Effect
Summon Replete Shambles SI Summon Replete Shambles for 30 secs on Self 450
Summon Storm Atronach Summon Storm Atronach for 40 secs on Self 500
Summon Voracious Hunger SI Summon Voracious Hunger for 20 secs on Self 487
Summon Xivilai Summon Xivilai for 30 secs on Self 600

What is the strongest Conjuration spell?

The conjured weapons are stronger than most that can be found in the beginning of the game. The most powerful spell in Conjuration is with no doubt Dead Thrall, which can bring back one zombie permanently (two if you’ve invested in the Twin Souls perk), until it dies at which point you can bring it back again.

What are the best Conjuration spells?

Skyrim: Top 15 Conjuration Spells

  • 8 Flame Thrall.
  • 7 Conjure Frost Atronach.
  • 6 Bound Sword.
  • 5 Conjure Dremora Lord.
  • 4 Frost Thrall.
  • 3 Bound Bow.
  • 1 Dead Thrall.

Where can I find good Conjuration spells in Oblivion?


Location Proprietor Spell types sold
Chorrol Mages Guild Alberic Litte Conjuration, Illusion, Mysticism
Athragar Conjuration, Illusion
Chapel of Stendarr Orag gra-Bargol Restoration

What is the strongest creature you can summon in Oblivion?

Summonable Creatures

Creature Health Spell Level
Frost Atronach 280 Expert
Daedroth 280 Expert
Storm Atronach 350 Master
Dremora Lord 172 Master

How do I raise my conjuration skill in Oblivion?


  1. The fastest and most efficient way to level in Conjuration is to summon a Bound Dagger.
  2. If you don’t have access to the Arcane University, a fast way to level Conjuration is to summon a skeleton and continuously cast a Turn Undead spell on him.

How many summons can you have at once oblivion?

You’re limited to one summon. You can increase the cap with mods.

Is Atronachs better than undead?

Personally I like atronachs better but a good dead thrall is awesome for storing your stuff as long as they dont get re-killed and then you lose your thrall plus whatever it was carrying unless you can find their corpse again,which isn’t always easy,Lol.

What are the magic types in Oblivion?

Spells. Spells are widespread and easy to acquire.

  • Powers. Powers are similar to spells,but they cannot be purchased or created.
  • Abilities. Abilities are magical effects that are permanently (or nearly permanently) active on your character.
  • Diseases. Diseases are magical effects that remain active on your player until cured using Cure Disease.
  • Scrolls.
  • Can you create spells in Oblivion?

    Main article: Spellmaking (Oblivion) Spells can be created at an Altar of Spellmaking. Only upon gaining access to the Arcane University or employing the use of the Wizard’s Tower official plug-in can one create spells. A craftsman must learn a specific spell quality (i.e. Fire damage or Water Breathing) before it can

    What are good skills for a sorcerer in Oblivion?

    Dark Magic. Dark Magic is one of three class skill lines available to Sorcerer characters.

  • Daedric Summoning. Daedric Summoning is one of three class skill lines available to Sorcerer characters.
  • Storm Calling. Storm Calling is one of three class skill lines available to Sorcerer characters.
  • What is a destruction spell in Skyrim?

    Destruction is a skill in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and is one of the skills that falls under The Mage play-style. The Destruction skill is increased by damaging enemies with Destruction spells. Destruction spells serve as the main offensive for mages, as the majority of the spells in this school cause direct damage.