What is the White River level at Clarendon?

Flood Stage:26 Ft. Record High Stage:43.3 Ft….

Latest Data 02/01/2022 19:00 Central
Latest Stage 23.90 Ft.
24 Hr. Change -0.57 Ft.
Tomorrow’s Forecast (Issued 02/01/2022 15:25) 23.70 Ft.
1 Day 3 Days 7 Days 14 Days 31 Days Year To Date Stage Elevation Plot Tabulate

How high is the White River right now?

*Current Level: 4.91ft.

How deep is the White River in Des Arc Arkansas?

24 Ft.
White River At Des Arc, AR Flood Stage:24 Ft.

How many generators are running at Bull Shoals Dam?

8 generators
They use this water at their discretion for power through the 8 generators at Bull Shoals Dam. Computers in Oklahoma decide when to run the water, and how much.

How cold is the White River in Arkansas?

about 52 to 55 degrees
Fact is, the White River below Beaver Dam is downright cold. The water temperature runs about 52 to 55 degrees all year. That’s because the flow pouring through the base of the dam comes from deep down in Beaver Lake, 100 or more feet, where the water is ice cold.

Can you wade the White River in Arkansas?

High Water Wading On the White Unlike Norfork, you can keep wading once the horn blows on the White, but it’s a matter of right place and right time. The Dam to State Park: Great area in low water, and sections remain fishable as the water comes up.

How many generators does Norfork dam have?

The most common, as mentioned above is generation units or generators. Bull Shoals has eight generators, Norfork two. While there is some variation in the amount of water each generator can process, the rough guide is average capacity is about 3200 cfs (cubic feet per second).

Can you swim in the White River Arkansas?

White River Located in the beautiful Ozark National Forest of northwest Arkansas, this river runs through Arkansas into Missouri and boasts a great swimming hole to cool off on a hot day.

Is the White River in Arkansas clean?

Its waters are usually crystal clear, cold and very clean attesting to the remote and undeveloped character of this stream and its vicinity. Bull Shoals State Park is adjacent to the put-in for this run which begins off SH 178 and ends at US Highway 62 in Cotter in Marion County of far northcentral Arkansas.

Where can I fly in White River Arkansas?

Below Bull Shoals Dam On The White River This location just south of Bull Shoals has a reputation for being one of the best spots in the state for catching trout on a fly rod.

Where can I wade fly fish in Arkansas?

Best Places to Fish in Arkansas

  • The White River. This highly acclaimed anglers’ paradise is one of a few – if not the – most popular fly fishing area in the state.
  • Little Red River.
  • Mammoth Spring/Spring River.
  • The Little Missouri.
  • Other Fly Fishing Opportunities.

Is there a city under Lake Norfork?

Perched on the east shore of Norfork Lake, at the old landing of the Highway 62 ferry, sits the little village of Henderson, AR. Principally it consists of a little post office and a boat dock at the Corp of Engineers recreation called of all things, Henderson.

What are the flood records for the White River in Arkansas?

White River At Clarendon, AR. Stream Name: White. Gage Zero: 139.91 Ft. NGVD29. Flood Stage:26 Ft. Record High Stage:43.3 Ft. Longitude: -91.31531100. Latitude: 34.68208200. River Mile: 99.1….

Is the Mississippi River flooding in Clarendon SC?

High Mississippi River worsens flooding on the lower White River. Homes and cabins from Clarendon to Saint Charles will be impacted by the high water. Those chosing to remain in their homes should have sufficient supplies for long term isolation. State Highway 302 north of Clarendon may be affected.

What’s closed due to high water in Arkansas?

Much of the National Wildlife Refuge land downstream of Clarendon will be flooded. Maddox Bay off Highway 146 will be closed off due to high water. Closure of specific flood prone regions as determined by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

How high was the White River in the 2008 flood?

Large portions of the Cache and White River National Wildlife Refuges are flooded. River crested at 33 feet in March 2008, 33.8 feet in April 2008, 35 feet in May 1973. High Mississippi River worsens flooding on the lower White River. Homes and cabins from Clarendon to Saint Charles will be impacted by the high water.