What thermal paste comes with Hyper 212 EVO?

Cooler Master High Performance Thermal Paste – (HTK-002-U1) AND Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler with PWM Fan, Four Direct Contact Heat Pipes.

Do I need thermal paste for Cooler Master 212?

The CM Hyper 212 EVO does come with a small tube of thermal paste, which has multiple uses. For the best cooling (temps even lower than usual, and longevity,) I recommend going with an Arctic Freezer or some other trusted brand. This is not entirely necessary, however.

Does Hyper 212 have thermal paste?

I ordered the RR-212S-20PK-R1 Hyper 212 Black Edition, and it has a tube of thermal paste included. This does come with pre applied thermal paste, but if you have an i7 or i9 or you are going to overclock your cpu, then you might want to buy some better paste from a popular company such as thermal grizzly.

Is the Hyper 212 thermal paste good?

For your first applications, use the included thermal compound, it is reported that it is almost as good (within 1C or 2C of Arctic Silver 5 – a popular compound).

Should I use the thermal paste that comes with cooler?

Coolers come with thermal compound pre-applied, but for PC enthusiasts who want to achieve improved temperatures at stock speeds, it’s a good idea to buy and apply new paste when installing their CPU. This can cause damage to the CPU over time.

Is stock Cooler Master thermal paste good?

Honorable. The coolermaster thermal paste is fantastic. I love it, so easy to spread, great value, and easy to use. Its one of those things that coolermaster gets right.

Does Cooler Master make good thermal paste?

What can be used instead of thermal paste?

Toothpaste is also an excellent substitute for thermal paste….Here are some products that can be accessed, alone or through a mixture:

  • American cheese;
  • Yellow cheese;
  • Hair wax;
  • Moisturizing cream;
  • Butter;
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  • Adhesive for dental prostheses;

Do Noctua coolers come with thermal paste?

Once unboxed you’ll spot the cooling unit consisting of the heatsink assembly, fan and brackets + backplate that supports a very wide range of AMD and Intel processors. A little thermal paste is included as well. Also included is a special screwdriver to mount the unit, we’ll show you why later on in the article.

Does the Cooler Master hyper 212 Evo come with thermal paste?

Does the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO come with thermal paste? 8 clever moves when you have $1,000 in the bank. We’ve put together a list of 8 money apps to get you on the path towards a bright financial future. If you buy the new package from Amazon yes it does come with thermal compound. Yes it does.

What is the EAN code for HyperHyper 212 Evo?

Hyper 212 EVO Model EAN Code RR-212E-20PK-R1 4719512032701 RR-212E-20PK-R2 4719512035054 RR-212E-16PK-R1 (EU Version) 4719512032701

Does thermal paste increase the performance of a CPU cooler?

Yes it does. Pretty much every CPU cooler confess with some thermal compound. Though some people but other compounds for the relatively small cooling performance increase, the average sort of paste you’ll get with a cooler is plenty fine to use.