What was Coco in Zoey 101?

Jessica Chaffin
She is also known for her recurring roles as Coco Wexler on Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101, Marie Faldonado in the CBS sitcom Man with a Plan and appearing in the films Spy and The Heat. She starred as Beth in the NBC sitcom Abby’s….

Jessica Chaffin
Years active 1999–present

Who is Coco in Sam and Cat?

Jessica Chaffin as Coco Wexler, a character from Zoey 101 whom Sam and Cat meet at the airport. Coco was once married to Carl, then they divorced. Coco is devastated when Carl proposes to her mother.

What episode of Zoey 101 does Coco get fired?

Fake Roommate is the second episode in Season 4 and the 54th overall episode in the Nickelodeon TV series, Zoey 101.

Who was the lady in the airport in Sam and Cat?

Coco Wexler
Production information
First appearance #FirstClassProblems
Last appearance #FirstClassProblems
Portrayed by Jessica Chaffin

Who plays Ronna Glickman?

Ronna Marlene Glickman (née Levine) and Beverly Ginsberg (née Schiff, née Ginsberg, née Kahn, née Frisch) are the 50-something (born 1962) characters created and embodied by actor/comedians Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo.

How old is Jessica Chaffin?

40 years (January 5, 1982)
Jessica Chaffin/Age

Who is Bertie new girl?

Bertie (Jessica Chaffin) is a bus driver who becomes Winston’s girlfriend when she found Winston’s cat. Winston likes that she’s down-to-earth.

What happened to Ronna and Beverly?

In episode 161 on June 15, 2017 (not long after they started teasing the possibility of releasing weekly episodes), Ronna and Beverly suddenly announced they were taking off “for the summer.” Since then, no new episodes have been released and the actresses have not appeared together in character.

Who plays Coco on Zoey 101?

Jessica Chaffin is an American actress, comedian, and writer, best known as part of the comedy duo Ronna and Beverly with Jamie Denbo. She plays Coco Wexler on Zoey 101 .

What is Zoey 101 wiki?

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What kind of character is Coco from Hello Again Coco?

Coco is an extremely eccentric character who likes picking scabs and would never drop her ravioli if bees were attacking her. She is also very emotional as she has emotional breakdowns when she gets dumped. Carl was Coco’s boyfriend who was just as eccentric as she was.

Who is Coco Wexler in Sam & Cat?

Coco Wexler is a minor character on Sam & Cat. She is a returning character from Zoey 101 . Coco has been a PCA dorm adviser since girls were allowed to attend school there.