What year did Mattel Classic Football come out?

Released in 1977, Mattel Classic Football ran on a single 9-volt nonrechargeable battery, but what it lacked in modern technological prowess, it made up for in heart. With two levels of game play, users made their way down the field, dodging dotlike opponents to avoid being digitally tackled.

What was the handheld football game called?

The game, also called Mattel Electronic Football, was Released in 1977, and ran on a single 9-volt battery. What it lacked in modern technological prowess, it made up for in heart.

When did Mattel electronic football come out?

According to enthusiasts and amateur historians who maintain a few Web sites devoted to the games, Mattel first released its electronic football game in late 1977, and it was sold exclusively through the Sears catalog.

What was the first handheld football game?

Long before Nintendo released the Game Boy, Mattel had one of the first successful portable gaming devices. Football, released in 1977, was simple — navigate your running back around defenders (red LED blips) to score.

When did Coleco football come out?

Electronic Quarterback is a handheld electronic game made by Coleco in 1978.

Is Tiger Electronics still around?

After working with Hasbro for quite a few years, Tiger Electronics was eventually acquired by Hasbro in 1998 and is still a division of Hasbro to this day.

What was the first handheld electronic game?

Auto Race
In 1976, Mattel introduced the first handheld electronic game with the release of Auto Race.

What was the first football video game?

NFL is a 1989 football video game, developed by Atlus and published by LJN exclusively for the Nintendo Entertainment System….NFL (video game)

Platform(s) NES
Release NA: September 1989
Genre(s) Traditional football simulation
Mode(s) Single-player Multiplayer (up to two players)