Where are lemforder parts made?

Founded in Lemförde near Bremen, LEMFÖRDER still engineers over 90% of its parts in Germany. As part of a global organization, LEMFÖRDER follows the footprints of the automotive industry and has production and engineering sites all over the world.

What steel are tie rods made of?

A typical tie rod end is made of a steel material, such as a carbon steel and a low-alloy steel, and has a shaft portion and two fitting portions. The two fitting portions are formed at both ends of the shaft portion.

What is a tie rod kit?

The Tie Rod Kit includes the tie rods and its associated parts. Tie rods may have bushings, Heim joints, bolts or bearings, which attach the rods to the steering box or knuckles. In the rack and pinion steering mechanism, tie rods terminate at either end of the steering box.

What else is a tie rod called?

hanger rod
A tie rod or tie bar (also known as a hanger rod if vertical) is a slender structural unit used as a tie and (in most applications) capable of carrying tensile loads only. It is any rod or bar-shaped structural member designed to prevent the separation of two parts, as in a vehicle.

Is meyle better than lemforder?

Lemforder is the best option for the smoothest ride but you have to replace them regularly. Meyle hd bushings offer a nice compromise between ride quality and performance. Most of the performance improvement with less harshness. Most important thing is that they will last many times longer than the oe style.

How long does a tie rod last?

Tie rods can last for several years. In fact, you may never have to replace your tie rods. The conditions you drive in play a large role in the lifespan of tie rods.

Do tie rods wear out?

Because tie rods are used every time you steer your vehicle, they are susceptible to damage and wear. Normal wear and tear can cause a tie rod to fail; driving hazards like potholes and accidents can also cause damage to a tie rod.

What do upgraded tie rods do?

These will also arrive with better tie rod ends and joints that are made with a more durable material, while also sporting an increase in size. This all helps provide the added strength to stand up to trail abuse, while helping prevent steering issues and warding off the effects of death wobble.

What are turbo tie rods?

Turbo tie rods improve feedback and steering precision by replacing the rubber tie rod bushings with ball socket ends. Originally equipped on the 911 turbo, they can be installed on the normal 911, 912, & 914. The standard kits are complete with tie rods, spacing washers, and steering rack boots for both sides.

Are ball joints and tie rods the same thing?

A ball joint is connected to the top and bottom of the spindle, while the tie rod end connects to the spindle and controls its pivot which allows vehicle to be steered.

How often do tie rods need to be replaced?

Tie rod ends are used every time you use your steering wheel, so they can go bad over time due to wear and tear. In some vehicles, they can last for many years, while in other vehicles they may not have to be replaced at all.

Is MEYLE made in Germany?

Due to the high degree of effort that our MEYLE engineers put into these steps, we take pride in our MEYLE parts, which are “ENGINEERED AND QUALITY APPROVED IN GERMANY”.