Where are the Fairburn agate beds?

Southwestern South Dakota
The Fairburn Agate is a type of gemstone found in the agate beds of Southwestern South Dakota and Northwestern Nebraska. It is also the state gemstone of South Dakota. Fairburns are characterized from other types of agate by their colors and the shape of the bands.

Where can I dig for Fairburn agates in SD?

The Fairburn Agates can also be found right outside the Black Hills heading to the east and south of Dakota. Furthermore, the White River and the Cheyenne River are also among the best places known to host the agates. Various reports of nice agates being found in this area.

Where are the agate beds in South Dakota?

General Information: The Fairburn Agate Beds are located about 12 miles NE of the town of Fairburn in Custer County SD. Take French Creek rd (Hwy 18) east off of Hwy 79 to the French Creek Campground. The campground and agate beds are located in the Buffalo Gap National Grassland.

What is the value of a fairburn agate?

The Fairburn agate is named for the town of Fairburn. Agates may not show their unique beauty until they are split, like this one. The gems can easily be worth upwards of $1,000, depending on their size, shape and color, according to collector Woodden.

Are there agates in the Badlands?

The widespread badlands of western South Dakota offer the rockhound thousands of acres of interesting collection for a wide spectrum of colorful gem materials. Most sought after is the brightly patterned fairburn agate, an elusive and distinctive agate, the official State Gem of South Dakota.

What is the South Dakota State Mineral?

Rose quartz
Rose quartz, discovered near Custer in the 1800’s, is the official state mineral. Its primary use is in ornaments and jewelry. The Fairburn Agate is a semi-precious stone first found near the town of Fairburn.

Can you find gems in South Dakota?

South Dakota has a long history of mining gemstones, as well as precious metals like gold and silver. In addition, you can also find many semiprecious stones scattered across the landscape.

What is banded agate?

Banded Agate is a beautiful stone with layers of many colors and intricate designs from brown, to golden, and white bands that are seen throughout the stone, earning it the name “earth rainbow.” Banded Agate is associated with the root chakra, and brings an energy of balance, grounding and stabilization to the bearer.

What are bubblegum agates?

Locally collected and home-tumbled, Bubble Gum Agates are grounding stones and they can enhance one’s self worth. These colorful agates come from the foot-hills and surrounding prairie of the Black Hills region.

What is a Dryhead agate?

Dryhead Agate is a nodular banded agate formed in sedimentary rock from Montana. The book, “Dryhead Agate: An Inside Look at the History, Mining, and Natural Beauty of Agates”, provides good background on this beautiful rock.

What is a prairie agate?

Prairie agate is variegated quartz; Nebraska has an abundance of this colorful semi-precious stone, particularly in the Oglala National Grassland. Popular for jewelry, prairie agate is distinctive because it seldom has the bands of other agates. Nebraska State Symbols: nebraskaccess.ne.gov. All State Rocks & Minerals.

Where are the fairburn agate beds?

Fairburn is tiny town with less than 100 people 30 miles south of Rapid City. The agate bed is 12 miles east of the town. “Most people know about the agate beds east of fairburn but you can actually find a fairburn agate starting south of Rapid city a few miles clear down into the Nebraska grasslands.

Where can I find agates in South Dakota?

Fairburn agates can be found in several locations in southwestern South Dakota, but the most popular spot might be the Kern agate beds east of Fairburn. It was barely past 9 a.m. and sweat already soaked our shirts.

Why are they called fairburn agates?

These agates are named after Fairburn, the town where the most famous agate bed is located. Fairburn is tiny town with less than 100 people 30 miles south of Rapid City.

What is the Hermosa fairburn agate swap?

The Hermosa Fairburn Agate Swap is held annually in late summer, where enthusiasts come from across the Midwest to swap rocks and stories from their hunts. Crowds come to admire the rocks and look at vendors. Why do so many people flock to South Dakota to search for these rocks?