Where did the phrase I have a bone to pick with you come from?

Have a bone to pick with you! : : “Bone to pick,” dates back to the 16th century, simply refers to a dog chewing endlessly on, and “picking clean,” a large bone. A “bone to pick” is thus a subject or issue that is expected to require considerable discussion or argument.

What does love all trust a few do wrong to none?

William Shakespeare said: “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” In this quote, he captures the essence of love in all of its form. Instead, our world is loaded with competition where people only love themselves. They are bound by success and that success often comes by doing wrong to people.

What does the saying Gordon Bennett mean?

MEANING: interjection: Expressing surprise, puzzlement, incredulity, annoyance, etc. ETYMOLOGY: The expression is primarily used in the UK even though Gordon Bennett was an American. The term Gordon Bennett alludes to his wild ways, and perhaps originated as a euphemism for gorblimey.

What 3 categories did Shakespeare write?

Shakespeare’s plays are traditionally divided into the three categories of the First Folio: comedies, histories, and tragedies.

Where does gone for a Burton come from?

Gone for a Burton is a British English expression meaning to be missing or to die. The term was popularised by the RAF around the time of World War II. It migrated to the USA quickly and in June 1943 a story titled Husky Goes Down for a Burton appeared in Boys’ Life, the magazine of the Boy Scouts of America.

What topics did Shakespeare write about?

Therefore, some of the main themes in Shakespeare’s plays could be:

  • women and love (“Romeo and Juliet”),
  • women and power (“Macbeth”),
  • fathers and daughters (“The Merchant of Venice”, “King Lear”),
  • rhetoric and power (“Hamlet”),
  • the world as a stage (“The Merchant of Venice”, “Macbeth”).

Why what should be the fear I do not set my life at a pin’s fee?

Why, what should be the fear? I do not set my life in a pin’s fee, And for my soul—what can it do to that, And as for my soul, how can the ghost endanger that, since it’s as immortal as the ghost is?