Where is Yaesu FT-60R made?

The FT-60R is made in Japan. We are an authorized USA Yaesu Dealer — Buying from an authorized dealer in general is the safest route to guarantee you do not get a Chinese clone!

Is ICOM an American company?

Started in 1954 by Tokuzo Inoue in Osaka, Japan, Icom Inc. is a publicly held Japanese corporation; its stock is traded on the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges.

Does Yaesu own standard horizon?

The joint venture was dissolved effective January 1, 2012. The Vertex Standard land mobile division operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The Amateur Radio, Airband and Marine Radio business was transferred to the new company “Yaesu Musen”….Yaesu (brand)

Type Private
Website www.yaesu.com/indexVS.cfm

Are Retevis and BaoFeng the same?

The retevis H-777 is the same function and the same requirement with the baofeng bf-888s, they also can communicate with the each other when out of the box. But we always optimize the product according to the customer needs, so it have the more accessories and best service.

Is the Yaesu ft-60r a good handheld radio?

Launched in 2004, the Yaesu FT-60R has a reputation for being a solid, reliable, and well-performing handheld radio. I have previously written 60 reasons why the FT-60R is my EDC radio. It’s a basic dualband radio, but its durable design, usability, and value make it a viable radio even more than a decade after its first release.

How much does the Yaesu ft-70dr cost?

FT-70DR retails for PhP 10,000 locally, or around $207. Amazon lists it for $199 (affiliate link). Both packages exclude the rapid charging cradle. The FT-70DR is Yaesu’s entry-level digital handheld. Being relatively newer in the market, you will probably not see any cheap units selling in the used market.

How does the Yaesu ft60 reduce transmission noise?

Overall, the FT60 does really well in filtering out unwanted noise compared to many similar radios. Tweaking the squelch setting can make a lot of difference. Another feature that helps the Yaesu FT60 cut down unimportant transmission is the EPCS. The EPCS lets you page a specific station so you can only receive calls from that station.

Should I buy the ft-60r or ftft-70?

FT-70 supports radio-to-radio cloning with a simple stereo-to-stereo 3.5mm jack. Both radios are rugged, durable, and perform similarly. If I were to choose and EDC or go-bag radio, I would prefer the FT-60R for its simplicity, battery life, and availability of AA battery case for emergency power.