Which is faster Saxo VTS or VTR?

Vtr is faster than VTS dont you know.

What’s the difference between a Saxo VTR and VTS?

The VTR MK2 (1999–2003) featured a 1.6I 8V 72 kW (98PS/97BHP) engine with a top speed of 193 km/h (120 mph) and a 0-62.5 mph (0–100 km/h) time of 9.4 seconds. The VTS 16V featured a 1.6I 88 kW (120PS/118BHP) engine with a top speed of 205 km/h (127 mph), and a 0 to 60 mph time of 7.8 seconds.

What does VTS stand for Citroen?

VTS = Voiture Tres Sportive.

How fast is a Saxo VTS?

1996 Citroen Saxo VTS 0-60, quarter mile, specs

0-60 mph 7.8 seconds
0-100 kph 8.3 seconds
Quarter mile 17.1 s @ 91 mph
Top speed 205 kph / 127 mph
Curb weight 970 kilograms (2138 pounds)

When did they stop making Citroen Saxo?

The Saxo finally finished production in September 2003, when the three-door C2 was launched. Its twin, the Peugeot 106, also ceased production at this time. By the end of the Saxo’s production life, its design was seven years old.

Do saxsport exhausts produce more power?

The Saxsport exhaust tested was brand new and box fresh, and usually exhausts produce slightly more power after some more bedding in, running time and coking up. The Pugsport system has shown proven power gains of up to 7bhp on a Peugeot 106 GTi, so we see no reason why the Saxsport would not give similar results on a Citroen Saxo VTS

Do Saxo VTSs have EGR pumps?

Later Saxo VTSs which have three-plug ECUs and L4 emissions control use two lambda sensors and have an EGR pump fitted, part of which is bolted to the front of the head. These are usually 2001 onwards, so beginning from Y-platers.

Is the saxsport centre silencer the same as Peugeot Sport?

The Saxsport centre has been designed with a dummy cat silencer near identical to the Peugeot Sport Rally Team original exhaust system.The only difference is that the Saxsport dummy cat has a threaded hole to fit a lambda sensor.

How much does a VTS exhaust weigh?

The weight of the standard exhaust system on a VTS is around 15.8kgs (cat = 3.7kgs, centre = 4.6kgs, back box = 7.5kgs) compared to the weight of the Saxsport being 9.1kgs (centre pipe = 3.4kgs, back box = 5.7kgs). A weight saving of 6.7kgs, which isn’t to be sniffed at really, as weight loss equals performance gain.