Who did Athena punish?

Athena’s enraged action of transforming the beautiful young maiden Medusa into a monster as punishment for the “crime” of having been raped in her temple is discussed as illustrating an outcome of the lack of resolution of the little girl’s early triangular conflicts.

How did Athena punish Arachne?

Enraged at the perfection of her rival’s work (or, alternatively, offended by its subject matter), Athena tore it to pieces, and in despair Arachne hanged herself.

How did Athena punish Medusa?

Medusa. The Medusa we know was raped by Poseidon in the goddess Athena’s temple. Athena then punished her for desecrating her sacred space by cursing Medusa with a head full of snakes and a gaze that turns men to stone. Then, a heroic Perseus severed the serpent-headed Medusa, turning her into a trophy.

How did Zeus punish Athena?

She was born directly out of his head as she was his daughter by Thetis, the Goddess of Wisdom, who he had been told would bear him a child that would surpass him, so he swallowed her. Immediately, he developed a severe headache, so he asked Ares to hit his head and out popped Athena fully armed.

Who violates Cassandra and is punished by Athena?

AJAX [ay’jaks] or AIAS, son of OILEUS [o-il’e-us], was prince of Locris and a leading warrior whose chief role in the saga occurred in the sack of Troy, when he violated Cassandra, who had taken refuge at the altar of Athena. He died during the return home, having offended both Athena and Poseidon.

Why can’t Athena punish Poseidon?

Athena isnt powerful enough to punish Poseidon. Poseidon is an elder god just as powerful as zeus. Athena is the daughter of zeus and metis making her younger and less powerful by far. It would have been an insult and a joke for athena to openly strike out against her uncle.

Do you think Athena was right to punish Arachne?

Even though she lost the competition, she was still able to punish Arachne. She is also unkind because she turned Arachne into a spider. 7.

Why did Athena punish Medusa but not Poseidon?

The first reason for why Athena punished Medusa instead of Poseidon is: she could not punish Poseidon. After all, Poseidon was the chief god of the sea. Only Zeus could have a chance to punish Poseidon for what he did. That is not to mention Poseidon was the uncle of Athena.

Was Athena a punishment or protection?

Athena could not punish Poseidon for what he did to Medusa. As a result, the goddess did the only thing she could do, which was to protect her former priestess. Giving Medusa the ability to turn people to stone then becomes a mechanism of self-defense than it does anything else.

How did Athena punish Ajax?

As he was returning from Troy, Athena hit his ship with a thunderbolt and the vessel was wrecked on the Whirling Rocks (Γυραὶ πέτραι).

What was Athena’s punishment for her rebellion against Zeus?

When Hera, Apollo, Poseidon and Athena lead a revolt/rebellion against Zeus, they failed and were punished. Apollo and Poseidon were sent to build Troy’s wall. Hera was tied upside down from the heavens. But, no punishment for Athena, Greek goddess of Wisdom, is mentioned that I have ever found.

What incident reveals Athena’s anger and desire to punish?

Another incident that reveals Athena’s anger and desire to punish involves Medusa. In Greek mythology, Medusa is a hideous gorgon, a winged female creature having a head of hair consisting of snakes. However, Medusa was originally a beautiful maiden, who was raped by Poseidon in Athena’s temple.

What was Athena’s punishment for the sacriligeous Act?

As punishment for the sacriligeous act, Athena made the land barren until the king had the girl exiled and sold into slavery.

Was Tiresias punished by Athena?

Tiresias, the unusual prophet who turned into a woman for seven years may also have been punished by Athena. Tiresias was not blind from the beginning and there are several stories describing how he lost his eyesight. Some think he was blinded by the gods for revealing their secrets, but there are also other suggestions.