Who played Otis in 5 Heartbeats?

Leon Robinson initially cast as Otis Williams in ‘The Temptations’ Robinson was fresh off of the success of his lead role in The Five Heartbeats, a musical film about a fictional R&B group of the 1960s. While filming the project, Robinson met Williams, the founder of The Temptations.

Who was the lead singer in The Five Heartbeats?

Eddie (Michael Wright), the lead singer, who has the biggest talent but also the biggest problems, including drugs. J.T. (Leon), Duck’s brother, who is a ladies’ man, incapable of set tling down.

What year did The Five Heartbeats take place?

When Eddie is being chased from the alley he jumps out into the main road in front of a 1969 Firebird when the film is set in 1965.

Who were the singers in The Five Heartbeats?

The plot of the film (which is loosely based on the lives of several artists: The Dells, The Temptations, Four Tops, Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Frankie Lymon, Sam Cooke and others) follows the three decade career of the rhythm and blues vocal group The Five Heartbeats.

Who played Eddie Cain Five Heartbeats?

Michael Wright
Michael Wright is an American film and television actor, who is best known for his role as Eddie King Jr. in the 1991 Robert Townsend film The Five Heartbeats, Carlyle in Streamers (1983), and Raynathan in Sugar Hill (1994).

Was the 5 heartbeats a true story?

What happened to the original five heartbeats?

Original first tenor Albert Crump died of cancer on October 3, 2012, at age 75. Wally Roker died on December 2, 2015, following brain surgery, at the age of 78.

Who are the actors in the Five Heartbeats?

The Five Heartbeats 1 Robert Townsend as Donald “Duck” Matthews: Duck hails from a poor family. 2 Leon Robinson as J.T. 3 Michael Wright as Eddie King, Jr.: Eddie comes from an area that features predominantly poor individuals, his own father believing his attempts to start a career in the music industry

Who are the Five Heartbeats and why do they matter?

… In the early 1960’s, a quintet of hopeful young African American men form an amateur vocal group called The Five Heartbeats. After an initially rocky start, the group improve, turn pro, and rise to become a top flight music sensation.

Who was the original choreographer of the Five Heartbeats?

The Five Heartbeats. Harry J. Lennix as Terrence “Dresser” Williams: The original choreographer of The Heartbeats, Dresser serves as the groups bass singer and one of the founding members. He is replaced by Ernest “Sarge” Johnson as the choreographer after Sarge out-dances Dresser.

What is the Five Heartbeats watch?

Making the Five Heartbeats Watch options 6.0 A Low Down Dirty Shame Watch options 6.8 The Best Man Watch options Storyline Edit In the early 1960’s, a quintet of hopeful young African American men form an amateur vocal group called The Five Heartbeats.