Who won girls 999 creation mission?

7 LOVE Minutes
The winners of the Creation Mission were the 7 LOVE Minutes (“U+Me=LOVE”) team with a score of 94.17 out of 100.

Who is the first in Girls Planet 999?

In the end, Kim Chae Hyun ranked No. 1 with 1,081,182 points. She said, “Thank you to the ‘Girls Planet 999’ staff and the stylists who helped make me look pretty.

What is the OOO mission?

O.O.O Mission is the fourth and last mission stage for the girls of Girls Planet 999. The teams were formed by viewers who voted. For the O.O.O Mission, the girls are organized into three separate groups that will perform the show’s theme song, “O.O.O (Over&Over&Over)”.

Did Xu ziyin get eliminated?

Girls Planet 999 contestant Xu Ziyin, the Chinese singer who ranked 8th after the second elimination, has left the Mnet survival show. The second elimination of Girls Planet 999 took place on September 24th where 27 participants survived out of 54, including three trainees who got Planet Pass from the judges.

Is Kep1er permanent?

A project group launched under Swing Entertainment, Kep1er is set to stay active for 2 1/2 years before disbanding.

Is Cai Bing eliminated?

Many fans and netizens were shocked and disappointed when Cai Bing from C-Group was eliminated from the latest elimination round episode of Girls Planet 999. Cai Bing ranked 8 in the second episode and was with Yujin and May of K and J group during their first mission.

Who eliminated Girls 999?

Arguably the most shocking elimination in Girls Planet 999 was of C-Group participant, Cai Bing. She was placed in the top nine three times and yet she lost in the semi-finals, ranking the lowest amongst all. Many fans claim Mnet’s editing gave the the audience the wrong perspective.

Did Wen Zhe get eliminated?

In the finale, which was aired on October 22, Wen Zhe was unfortunately eliminated, with her final rank being C04.

Who won planet 999?

Team 1 “Keep Missing You” composed of Kim Hyerim (L), Ma Yuling, Okuma Sumomo, Huh Jiwon, Chiayi, Yamauchi Moana, Kim Chaehyun, Li Yiman, Kuwahara Ayana performed “TWICE’s YES or YES” and were the winners.

Is Yoon Jia eliminated?

In the eighth episode, which was aired on September 24, it was revealed that Jia was unfortunately eliminated and had ranked K11.

What did Cai Bing do?

Cai Bing (Chinese: 蔡冰, Korean: 차이빙; Japanese: ツァイ·ビーン) is a Chinese singer under Image Music. She is a member of Chinese girl group KSGIRLS. She is best known for being a contestant on the reality survival show Girls Planet 999.

Why did Cai Bing got eliminated?

They also said that Cai Bing was used by the producers as a tool to lift another trainee up so that Cai Bing will go down (The top 9) and be eliminated on the show. The reason why people are now expressing their sympathy towards Cai Bing. 无论如何 爱你们!