Why is my ENMAX bill so high?

Information on the Enmax website said there were other factors in the increased rates, aside from seasonal changes. Primarily, it was the removal of the Alberta electricity price cap, as well as the federal carbon tax. The former being a point of interest in a recent NDP press event that took place in Calgary.

Can I cancel my ENMAX account online?

How do I remove an account from my profile? Please note: this does not end your services, and you will continue to be billed for the account. To close an account, please call 310-2010 or 1-877-571-7111 (Outside Alberta).

Is Atco cheaper than ENMAX?

Is ATCO cheaper than ENMAX? ATCO’s prices are dependent on your monthly consumption—whether you have low, mid, or high-use—while ENMAX has consistent prices regardless of monthly consumption. Considering additional transmission, delivery, and admin fees, ENMAX’s rates are only a few dollars less than Atco’s prices.

Can I cancel ENMAX anytime?

You may cancel your EasyMax® plan at any time without penalty by providing us with one month’s notice. Call our Customer Care Centre at 310-2010. You agree to pay for the electricity or natural gas we supply to you, based on the agreed upon price, plus applicable charges.

Does ENMAX have an app?

ENMAX Power 4+ The ENMAX Power Outage App provides Calgary-based customers with direct access to outage information and the ability to conveniently report outages at your address. Sign in using your existing enmax.com account, or register a new account.

Who is cheaper ENMAX or ATCO?

What is the average water bill in Calgary?

Average usage in Calgary per person is 7,000 litres of water every month. Typically, allow about $70 – $110 per month depending on how much water you and your family actually uses. For apartments and condominiums these costs are usually included in the monthly rent.

How do I contact ENMAX customer service?

For general enquiries you can call ENMAX Customer Service at 310-2010 from Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., or on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Your wires services provider (electric utility) is responsible for responding to electrical emergencies, power outages, and questions regarding your meter reading.

How long does it take to get a bill from ENMAX?

For electricity, natural gas, municipal services (if billed by ENMAX), and account and billing inquiries. Most replies take approximately three to five business days. If this is an urgent billing matter, please contact our Customer Care Centre at 310-2010.

Can ENMAX Energy disclose the name of a customer billing at address?

ENMAX will not disclose the name of a customer billing at a specific address, however we can disclose if there is a vacancy at the address (A vacancy means no one has applied for service at the location). Do I need to notify ENMAX Energy every time a tenant moves in or out?

How do I cancel my ENMAX meter service?

I no longer need services from ENMAX, how do I permanently disconnect service? If you need to cancel your services you can contact us toll free in Alberta at 310-2010 or 1-877-571-7111 (O u tside Alberta). For permanent meter removal due to property demolition or renovation, please call 403-219-7799.